pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a – MS Outlook has a vast user base across the globe. It’s user friendly, fast, and includes additional beneficial features and features. And also, it is possible to choose MS Outlook for a simple, secure, and safe email with better customer support.

Users can use MS Outlook or any other email service provider to send and receive messages via email.

There are times when MS Outlook may start showing error messages for various causes. The program won’t function in the event of these errors. For example, I always get an error “[pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a]” on my screen while opening Microsoft Outlook. I am sure you can relate to the frustration of this error.

These errors are common within Microsoft Outlook and disturb the function of email in the Outlook application. Do you want the easiest way to resolve the [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] error?  Do not take stress, this article will describe to you how to fix the pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a error. And also, it will help you to resolve the issue without further hassle.

What Is [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] Error Code?

What Is [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] Error Code?

[pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] is simply an error code. And also, it is unnecessary to know its nitty-gritty to get it fixed. And also, one of those problems that show up when MS Outlook encounters a technical error.

Pii emails are the most sensitive to personal identity. In the event of any disturbance or anomaly in the upcoming email, it immediately displays error codes. This can also happen as an outcome of any mistakes made by hand.

If you notice this error on your computer, do not worry. This isn’t a virus or malware. It’s simply a mechanical error in programming. And also, the code alerts the user that their email program isn’t functioning correctly.

What are the Reasons behind this [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] Error?

The primary reasons for these errors are:

  • You may be running an out-of-date or incompatible Version of MS Outlook.
  • And also, the software-based MS Outlook application has had several errors in recent times. However, you can upgrade to a web version to get assistance.
  • Cookies and caches that are too large frequently cause a pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a on the screen.
  • A misconfiguration in the settings of your MS Outlook account setting.
  • Malware and viruses can cause these bugs in scarce situations.
  • If the software installation isn’t working correctly because of interruption, it could also result.
  • If you have multiple email accounts, it could result in an error.
  • And also, the pirated version of Outlook software is also a cause for this error code.

How to Fix the [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] Error Code?

Below are some easy and practical steps to solve the issue in just a few minutes at your home.

1. Poor Internet Connection

Sometimes, a poor internet connection can cause these error codes. And also, it is possible to notice these errors occasionally in these situations. And also, recommends switching to 4G or other high-speed internet connections to use MS Outlook.

Always ensure you are using the internet with rapid speed and secure connections. Internet with slow speeds can cause various issues, including errors in email. To become a successful businessman, it is necessary to work quickly and accurately.

Hopefully, you won’t see [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] error code with a high-speed internet connection.

2. Clean Unnecessary Data From Your Outlook History

Check first if there is any data not needed, such as cache data or a file? This cache data causes the pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a error. Therefore, clear it first.

Always make backups to ensure that if you accidentally delete any crucial file, you can get it back after removing the error. After deleting the cache data from your Outlook inbox, restart your computer or PC and open outlook. Outlook will no longer have errors. This is why,

  • Open the files
  • Use the dialogue box to search for
  • Open mail tab
  • Remove the search list of users
  • And also, it will remove the cache data from the account.

3. Change MS Outlook Version

Change MS Outlook Version

If you have noticed the [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] error code for a long time, you should change MS Outlook’s version. This is because a specific MS Outlook version often may encounter some errors that other versions of Outlook do not.

The best part about downloading a new version of the software is it won’t erase your information. Your report will save your message when you log in to a new account when you download it.

Upgrade your MS Outlook version to the most recent version. With the latest version installed. And also, you will be able to fix numerous bugs and mistakes quickly.

4. Log in to Only One Outlook Account

If you have multiple accounts, it may cause a pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a error. Microsoft Outlook does not facilitate users to use multiple accounts on one platform. Therefore, delete or eliminate all extra accounts and make one account to mail using Outlook.

  • Firstly, you can go to the Control panel.
  • Open Outlook and search programs.
  • In the settings, delete all accounts
  • Log into Microsoft Outlook. And also, Log in to the MS Outlook app with only one account
  • It will remove the [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] error from the MS Outlook account.
  • And also, “Delete or eliminate all extra accounts and make one account to mail using Outlook. “

5. Use the Automatic Repairing Tool

Every software or system provides the facility to repair the [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] error with the automatic repair tool.

  • Firstly, start by clicking on the start menu.
  • Find the programs and settings for your account
  • In the settings, open the Outlook account that has an error.
  • Click Fix to resolve the pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a error.
  • And also, Click on Continue
  • After a while, the error will resolve, and now, open your Outlook account.

6. Repair the file that is damaged  To Fix [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a]

The first time you notice [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] on your computer screen, you should examine your MS Outlook file. If the MS Outlook folder that you have installed MS Outlook folder has any damaged or corrupted files. And also, it could cause unnecessary issues.

There are two options available to resolve this issue: either repair the corrupted files using any tools for repair or remove your old MS Outlook file. I would recommend the second alternative. A fresh installation of the MS Outlook program can make it work again.

7. Microsoft Outlook’s Compatibility with Your Antivirus

Sometimes your antivirus program could confront Outlook MS Outlook and hamper the latter’s function. You can’t know the issue without examining the antivirus program.

This means that you must uninstall your antivirus or turn it off completely. Try running MS Outlook. If it’s successful, your antivirus isn’t compatible with MS Outlook. And also, it recommends removing the antivirus from your computer.

8. Ignore and Delete Fishy Emails

Often, we click on a suspicious link that unknown email senders send. In rare instances, links could contain malicious code that could disrupt an email server. In addition, it could seriously compromise the account settings in MS Outlook.

Ensure you use a trusted antivirus program and avoid clicking on suspicious links that originate via fake email addresses. Block, ignore, and then delete. These are the 3 main steps to take in such situations.

9. Fixing PST Corruption Code

If you find that your Outlook PST is not functioning correctly, you need to fix it with specific tools. There are various executable and free files accessible online to resolve these issues. And also, they can improve your outbox, inbox, and many other sections.

You need to download an additional PST fix tool and then run it. If MS Outlook functions appropriately after the procedure, you will not see the message [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] on your screen.

10. Close All Programs

Close All Programs

Multitasking may be caused by the error code [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a]. Computer or laptop | Computers or laptops are capable of multitasking and producing high-quality output. In some circumstances, laptops or computers may be unable to multitask or solve problems.

As a result, closing all apps will assist you in resolving the problem code [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a]. Next, disable all Outlook accounts and erase the tool’s cache and cookies. After that, you can access your email account and continue shopping.

11. Clear Google Chrome’s Cookies and Cache Files

If you’re using Google Chrome, uncleared cookies and cache files are almost certainly causing the [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] error. These are essentially temporary data files that Chrome creates for various reasons.

Multiple cookies and cache files, on the other hand, frequently interfere with the web browser’s regular operation. If you use Google Chrome to access Outlook, delete the browser cookies to resolve the [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] error.

Firstly and foremost, open Google Chrome on your computer and concurrently click “Ctrl+Shift+Del.”

This will open the “Clear Browsing Data” window for you. And also Next, select the checkboxes for “Cookies and Other Site Data” and “Cache Files and Images” in this section.

Finally, click “Clear Data” to clear your browser’s cookies. And also, then, you won’t reencounter the pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a error the next time you log into MS Outlook.

12. Contact The Outlook Support Team

If you could not solve the [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] error, you can contact Microsoft customer service. And also, Microsoft has a trained and knowledgeable support team that assists users with every issue. If you contact them they will help you in debugging the pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a error.


The reason for errors is improper configuration and misuse. However, it’s not difficult to deal with issues. For example, email errors within the MS Outlook app can cause conflicts with other programs, and a little care when downloading could save your system from these errors.

In a nutshell, [pii_email_e4346d448ed7ff64f89a] isn’t a too serious error. However, it is important to take action immediately in case it causes damage to the MS Outlook settings and data. Be sure to follow the instructions mentioned earlier, and hopefully, you’ll be able to utilize the program once more.

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