The WISHEW app and platform will officially launch in the US on April 29, World Wish Day

For Immediate Release: (April 29, 2024 — New York, NY) – The new app for the social platform will launch in the US market on April 29th, World Dream Day. Wishew, born from the dreams of three Italian entrepreneurs, is the first social network in the world that combines the world of individual crowdfunding with the story of a modern social network 2.0. Their conception is aimed at users of all ages (targeting 18-55), looking for new methodologies to fulfilling their desires, goals and bucket lists by introducing social apps that create and connect with like-minded people as part of the user experience. A sense of community between users. Fulfilling dreams, supporting dreams and creating new good friendships: on these principles, Wishew opens the door to a new and exciting era in the world of social networks, making solidarity and mutual support the greatest event of all time.

On April 29, World Wish Day, the most anticipated social network in the world, debuted. Wishew, the world’s first wish-making social network, is now officially available for download in the Android and Apple stores in the US. After the app is released, users just need to set their dreams and make them come true with the help of other dreamers.


In Wishew’s discovery section, users will find thousands of videos waiting for them, sharing personal stories, challenges and dreams. A deep, vibrant, and uniquely human experience that engages the user from the start. Participation is intuitive and rewarding: through voluntary donations, users contribute to the fulfilment of others’ wishes and receive exclusive rewards and benefits in return. At the same time, users can share their dreams through private videos and invite other dreamers to support them.

“We envision Wishew as the machine that makes the world’s biggest dreams come true. The platform that powers social networks and drives an unprecedented era of innovation and inclusion. We’re proud of this extraordinary responsibility.” – Founder of Wishew

In short, Wishew is the beginning of a new paradigm in social media and a breath of fresh air with a clear goal: to make Wishew the most innovative, beautiful and supportive communication language.

“In today’s changing world, we strongly believe that we can give more value to the people who use this platform. Tools like Wishew will allow people to connect and interact, spark mutual support and positivity. With happiness, personal fulfilment and hope for themselves and others and the future Maybe it’s a bit bold to say, but for us this product represents a social revolution “Yes, it’s ambitious, but we want to know,” said the founders of Wishew

Today, the global market demand is about 100 trillion dollars. This value is based on the money people spend on goods and services and the time and energy they spend on satisfying their needs. “5.3 billion People are surviving instead of thriving.” These include going into debt to survive and be happy, feeling isolated in society, constantly worrying about the pressure to make ends meet, and a mental health epidemic – 90% of Americans feel we have a mental health crisis. Anxiety and psychological depression are some of the consequences of today’s social, economic and global pressures.

Wishew wants to give people new tools to improve their lives. Designed to achieve ambition, experience excitement and relieve personal pressure. People can save more and borrow less by asking what makes them happier. Also motivation for participants.

By supporting the wishes of others, users will also earn benefits and points for participating in the Wish Game. Every day, the most active contributors will have a chance to win amazing prizes like a dream trip, the best technology, a new iPhone and more.

“The goal is to collect a lot of personal money and give it to the most social and good.” – We wish the creator

Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo focus exclusively on business proposals and projects. GoFundMe and JustGiving focus on charitable causes and urgent, serious situations that require attention, often due to crisis or death. Wishew leverages consumer goods, travel, entertainment and dreams and goals while supporting work and projects and philanthropic initiatives on the platform.

“The whole year will be like Christmas. Everyone has at least one wish, big or small. A platform like this will help us all make every wish come true.” – User Researcher, Maria Keaton

In terms of business model, the first two revenue streams will be active with MPV. The first is the 12% transaction fee.

“Wishew is the latest technological venture by entrepreneurs; Giacomo Vose (Founder & CEO),  Antonino Risicato (CMO & Co-Founder), and Vincenzo De Caro (CGO & Co-Founder).

The three founders offer a fresh approach to the crowdfunding space by applying their tapped in social knowledge.

The app is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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