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In general, an app store is an application that helps users find software and install it on their computer or mobile device. It is a collection of free or commercial software and games approved for your device. You can find, buy, download, install, and update the software through your device’s application store.

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Benefits of using an App Store

Benefits of using an App Store
The store operator officially endorses software available on an app store. For example, Apple inspects all software from the macOS and iOS app stores, and Google checks all software from the Play Store. Each app’s code is reviewed to ensure it is free of malware or viruses and complies with other user device guidelines. The store operator then digitally signs the software to prevent it from being changed without their knowledge and approval.

Other Benefits of App Stores

Convenience: Users can look for new software in a familiar place on their device.

Trust:  Instead of trusting a wide range of software vendors, trust can place in a single entity (the store operator).

Consistent Experience: Because software must adhere to devise guidelines, separate apps have a more consistent user interface and experience. The user knows the software’s look, feel, and general operation.

More accessible updates: The store can inform the user when an update is obtainable for software fix from the App Store. The user does not require to check for new updates manually. If multiple updates are available, the App Store may install them all at once.

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