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10 Essential Apps for Freelance Writers

10 Essential Apps for Freelance Writers

Apps for Freelance Writers – Freelancing writing can be tiring since you’re in charge of all your tasks. Without the proper resources, you might find it difficult to make career strides or increase your income. You may have constant grammar errors, formatting glitches, and even missing deadlines. It is, therefore, vital to have the right resources, whether you’re a seasoned writer or just getting into the job.

Freelance Apps That Can Help You Thrive

Freelance writing entails more than just writing and getting paid. It involves many other activities, such as finding clients, researching, checking grammar errors, checking plagiarism, and communicating with clients and editors. It also requires that you manage your time effectively to meet your daily life commitments. Luckily, some applications make your writing career easier while not compromising your work’s quality. Here below, we’ll be listing 10 of these super convenient apps.  

Grammarly is an artificial intelligence software for plagiarism detection, spell-checking, and grammar. The software assists you in checking punctuation errors, overused words, wordiness, spelling errors, unclear sentence structure, passive language, and inconsistent writing style. It is one of the most vital apps you cannot afford to lack. A huge plus is its integration with MS word and Google docs to ensure that all your documents and emails are always correct. 

As a writer, you’re constantly coming up with content ideas or coming about research material that you can use for your projects. Evernote allows you to note and organize thoughts according to specific projects. The best part is that you can upload PDFs, voice notes, and images. You can also use the app on your phone or laptop while keeping your work synced across all your devices. 

This software will help you detect wordy sentences, the readability of your work, and sentence structure to ensure that your work is clear and concise. The app is free and web-based, which is an added advantage. 

Writing jobs can be challenging to find if you do not have access to a reliable job board. Upwork is a trusted job board that connects clients to freelance writers. You can search for any job category, and since it offers writer’s protection, you don’t have to worry about a client failing to pay for your services. 

Your writing career involves constantly communicating with clients or with your editor. You may need clarification on a job’s instructions from the latter, and a reliable way to communicate is vital. You can open a free Gmail account for this purpose. 

Your client may prefer communicating via audio or video call to avoid long strings of emails. Skype comes in handy in such instances. 

This program makes it simple to stay organized and manage tasks. You can easily invite or assign tasks to team members if you’re working as a team on a writing project. You can create a different board for every project and communicate progress and deadlines to the rest of the group. 

To stay productive, you need to block out all the apps that might distract you as you work. With Freedom, you can block social media apps and other online sites you are not using for the project you’re working on, leaving you plenty of time to craft quality blogs, articles, or narratives. 

This program is a Google Drive feature which is essentially a cloud-based version of Microsoft Word. This app allows you to access and manage your documents from anywhere if you have logged in to your Google account. You can then edit or share documents with your clients or colleagues. 

Paypal is one of the most trusted and reliable modes of receiving payment for most freelancers globally. Most job boards require their writers to have a Paypal account; therefore, if you’re getting into the freelance writing space, you may need to use it.

What if an App Is Not Available in Your Location?

Unfortunately, some applications may not be available in your country for several reasons. Such reasons might include imposed restrictions if the app is still going through development or if the servers that run the app are only available in specific countries.

Luckily, cheap residential proxies can help you overcome area-specific restrictions. Furthermore, you can use an IPRoyal coupon to get 10% off your first order at IPRoyal, one of the best proxy service providers.

Wrapping Up

Finding suitable applications is crucial if you want to make your freelance writing career enjoyable and rewarding. Using the apps in this article will increase your productivity and efficiency so that you can write high-quality content that will help you scale your writing career.

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