Revenue with a Digital Menu Board – When you go digital, your menu ceases to be just a static list of choices. It’s a tool designed to inform, entice and even entertain customers. Digital menu boards provide your customers with a better experience and provide an undeniable return on investment. They’re a visually attractive way to showcase menu items, whether you’re running a food truck, coffee shop, or dine-in restaurant.

Digital signage systems allow you to scale up your promotions, influence buying decisions at the point of sale, and enhance the perceived value of your brand. Perhaps, the most obvious benefit of digital menu boards is increased sales. A digital menu board can be one of your most valuable investments, but only if it’s optimized for your restaurant and its offerings.

Here’s how you can use a digital menu board to sell more food and maximize your restaurant’s revenue.

1. Experiment With Different Promotional Strategies

Not sure which promotional strategy will work on your target demographic? Digital menu boards provide you with the flexibility to test new products and promote lesser-known menu items. Marketing is all about appealing to your customers’ preferences. It’s important to test what works in order to optimize menu offerings and increase sales. This way, you can eliminate items that are not selling and replace them with those in line with your customers’ preferences.

Moreover, you can test out prices across multiple locations to determine the price point that will add value to your customers and your business. Digital menu boards are dynamic and flexible, making them great for experimentation. You don’t have to incur additional costs to determine which design or promotional strategy works best for you.

2. Highlight Combos and Upsells

“Do you want fries with that?”

Digital menu boards can be used to show complimentary items, making it easy to cross-sell and upsell food items. By highlighting combo meals and making them cost-effective, you can increase your average order value. It also eases some pressure off the cashiers as they don’t have to upsell each customer. As a result, queue wait times will reduce, and your customers’ perception of your service will improve.

Combo meals can also help your audience make faster decisions, speeding up the line and allowing for a better customer experience.

3. Declutter Your Menu

Not all menu items can be prominently displayed. An organized menu enables customers to make food choices, and it reduces the dilemma of having too many options to choose from. Most restaurants have two or three main food items that attract the highest sales – these are the items that should take center stage.

Also, decluttering your menu leaves room for showcasing your latest menu additions. One of the largest obstacles restaurants face is raising awareness for new food products. With a digital menu board, you can introduce a new product to your customers and create an effective promotional strategy.

4. Promote Loyalty Programs

Your customers probably don’t know you have a loyalty or reward program in place. Use digital menus to show your customers what they stand to gain for their loyalty. You can even use interactive digital signage at the point of sale to instantly sign them up for your loyalty program.

Plus, you can also run limited-time offers with ease since you don’t have to invest in brochures and other promotional materials.

5. Create A Consistent Brand Image

Nothing sells worse than a poorly designed, haphazard digital menu. Think of your digital menu board as a representation of your brand image. What feelings do you want to evoke in your customers? Your digital menu board must align with your overall brand image to be effective. Digital menu boards can help ensure that everything about your restaurant remains consistent, from the featured entrees in your waiting section to the storefront displays that lure customers in.

6. Show Food And Drink Images That Will Sell

Understanding customer psychology is a competitive advantage for any business, and in the restaurant industry, a picture is worth a thousand words – and maybe more. When it comes to digital menu boards, you’re not limited to lists of your food and drink items. Beautiful images of your menu options can prompt customers to order more food. People are more likely to order something if they know what to expect.

Images trigger emotions and can prompt the visitor’s brain to make favorable decisions that align with your goals. They can also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Revitalize Your Restaurant Business

Are you ready to make the switch to digital menu boards? Such a move enhances customer experience and jumpstart sales. With a visually-appealing aesthetic and easy-to-read fonts, the customer journey from entry to checkout is seamless. Upgrade your business today with a digital menu board.