NRAGE Input Plugin Description

NRage Input Plugin is an incredible input plugin for Nintendo 64 emulators.

This program is free software released under the GPL. This software is distributed without any guarantee of merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose. In principle, if you mess up your computer, you can’t sue us.

Meanwhile, we distribute it freely as long as you follow the GPL.

However, do not try to make money by spreading it. You are free to change it, but of course, we ask you to let us know to incorporate bug fixes into the next version.

What Is It?

This plugin intends to use an N64 emulator that supports input plugins through the Zilmar input specification.

Meanwhile, some emulators that support it are Apollo, Project64, 1964, and TR6.

For more check this site:

Main Features of NRage Input Plugin

Main Features of NRage Input Plugin

Up to four N64 controllers are supported:

  1. Handle as many game controllers as you can plugin (you may need to adjust the build options for large numbers), plus one keyboard and one mouse.
  2. As for me, full support of all controls that you can see through DirectInput
  3. MemPaks, Rumble Paks ( DirectInput Force Feedback), and Transfer Paks emulation (except GB Tower in Pokémon Stadium games)
  4. Full adaptive support
  5. Therefore, it is up to 256 configurable “modifiers” in 3 different flavors
  6. System-independent controller profiles
  7. Moreover, as published this plugin is compatible with Zilmar’s Input Plugin Specs 1.0 and works with all emulators that support this specification.


However, a computer with Windows and DirectX9.0 or higher is installed.

An emulator

Some games wouldn’t hurt

It would help if you had the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86).

nrage input plugin

Via the NRage Entry Plugin v2.0

NRage Input Plugin v2.0 is free software in the Other Programs list part of Games and Entertainment.

This program is available in English. NRage Input Plugin v2.0 is compatible with the following operating systems: Others.

The company developing the NRage Input Plugin v2.0 is The latest version from the developer is 2.2.

This version is reviewed by 12 users on our website and has an average rating of 3.4.

Here, the download we have available for the NRage Input Plugin v2.0 has a file size. Just click the green Download button present above to start the download process.

The program has been on our website since 2010-03-10, and people download it 1516 times.

However, we can already check that the download link is secure, but we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus program for your protection.

If your antivirus detects the NRage Input Plugin v2.0 as malware or the download link is breaking, please use the contact page to send us an email.

To install the NRage Input Plugin v2.0 on your Windows device:

Click the download button on our website. It will start the download from the developer’s website.

Once we download the NRage Input Plugin v2.0, click on it to start (assuming you are on a desktop computer).

When the installation is complete, you should be able to see and run the program.

NRage Input Plugin – Unofficial Version 2.4

Changes in this version:

Hence, for games with MBC5 RAM (including Pokemon Yellow), we should write it correctly – reading already working on it.

Added support for using a Goomba Color save file (GBC emulator for GBA) instead of a raw GBC save file. The GBC SRAM is extracted when opened and replaces when closed.

Therefore, if you have a Goomba Color SRAM file with more than one GBC saved game, you can use the same SRAM file for several games at the same time (e.g., Pokemon Blue on P1, Pokemon Gold on P2)

So, the DLL provided here does NOT run under Windows XP because the XInputEnable function is not available.

However, if you know how XInput works and a workaround, please let me know (or send a pull request).

N-Rage Project 64

NRage is an input plugin for Nintendo project 64 emulators. This software distributes as is without guaranteeing merchantability or fitness for an exacting purpose. You can’t sue us if you mess up your computer. This program is free software released under the GPL license.

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