What is Gullfoss Plugin?

Gullfoss Plugin is an easy-to-use tool for everyone from amateur musicians to professional mastering engineers. The straightforward user interface offers several basic parameters that can improve the clarity, details, spatiality, and balance of the mix or recording in seconds.

Its innovative Gullfoss EQ plug-in gives you several “golden ears” that can solve problems in your mix.

Soundtheory’s Gullfoss is the newest “smart” add-on to hit the market; it is an automatic equalizer that “uses computerized acoustic sensing technology to identify and correct problems in the frequency balance of your signal.”

In concrete terms, this means that the EQ automatically adapts its settings to the audible properties of the input signal. The idea is that you get instant solutions to problems that you may not be able to solve.

“Gullfoss is your pair of golden ears,” says Andreas Tell, research director and co-founder of Sound Theory. “Not only does it solve a wide variety of mixing and mastering problems to help you get the best, most consistent sound possible.

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Also, it can serve as a valuable resource for analyzing your mixes and helping you improve your craft.”

Despite the complex processing behind the scenes, Sound Theory says that Gullfoss can change its frequency response more than 100 times per second.

Without introducing an audible artifact or degrading signal quality, the interface was designed to be easy to use, with only one set of parameters on display.

The plugin even promises to solve balance problems between different elements of a mix without accessing individual tracks.

Gullfoss is currently only available for Mac, but a PC version will follow later this year. The total price is $ 199 but is currently on offer at the introductory price of $ 99.

Find out more, listen to audio samples and download a demo from the Sound Theory website.

gullfoss plugin

Why to Use Gullfoss Plugin?

Perhaps it is not the most prominent name for an audio plug-in.

The name comes from an observation made by Andreas Tell, a German physicist, on whose work Gullfoss is based.

The result was Gullfoss, an adaptive equalizer that listens to a signal and decides how that information is presented more quickly to the listener.

Gullfoss Plugins uses a computer-aided auditory perception model to determine which signal elements are competing for your attention.

By changing the levels within the signal while maintaining the perceived sound level, the algorithm tries to represent the signal so that the various audible elements do not compete excessively for the brain’s attention.

When speaking to Sound Theory, she advises not to worry too much about what exactly you are doing. If that sounds difficult to understand, I understand. What it does, however, and what it can do, is nothing short of remarkable.

What Does the Gullfoss Plugin Do?

Gullfoss is a semi-automatic equalizer that makes audio easier to understand. As part of this, it adds clarity, but the effect is much more than that on the suitable material.

The soundstage “opens” to reveal low-level information and has an uncanny ability to remove the problematic mid-range overload that can so often affect complex audio.

It’s perfect for mastering or editing buses, but it’s also useful for solo instruments. Due to its dynamic nature, it can update and change its settings 300 times per second.

Also, it can help with comb filtering problems when recording with multiple microphones, and even with a solo voice, it is one of the best de-essers I have used.

The algorithm responds to eses, and I have also had success with squeaks on acoustic guitar recordings. Gullfoss’s ability to “get it right” is often excellent and sometimes unique.

What Does The Effect Of Gullfoss Sound Like?

If you read the example above, you will hear the model shown to me when I first heard Gullfoss.

It’s a relatively neutral solo piano that Bach plays, the exact type of recording that conventional EQ can be very frustrating to correct.

A lot is happening, and there is nowhere to hide in a solo piano.

Gullfoss Plugin offers instant clarity, perhaps best described as “intelligibility,” and, as with most timbre processes, the effect is most apparent when reverting to the original raw version.

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