Writing A Blog Post – There are many good reasons to start a blog for your own use, but there are very few good reasons to blog for your company.

Improving traffic and exposure is a relatively straightforward purpose of blogging for businesses, initiatives, or anything else that could earn you money. You may build your authority in a certain field and develop your brand by starting a blog.

Additionally, blogging gives you the digital space to express yourself. You can share your personal experiences, help others gain knowledge and discover new things through blogs.

To win the game with blogging, it is important that you go through several of them first, study the structures, language and motifs and then pen down one yourself. For a deeper knowledge of the art and nuances of blogging, you can download free ebooks from RARBG.

This article will help you with the initiation process of writing a blog.

Steps To Write A Blog

Given below are some of the major steps that you need to follow before you start writing a blog—

Decoding Latest Trends

Before publishing content, any website must include keyword research if it wants to compete and perform well.

An analytics-measuring tool called Google Trends enables users to customise their searches for pertinent words and phrases.

Google Trends was created as a tool to examine and compile user interest in various subjects or industries.

It has evolved into a big data tool that allows for far more expansive storytelling. Users may follow trends in any area that interests them, including politics, sports, entertainment, and social views.

Deciding The Topic

Relevance is crucial, but we need to make sure that we grasp it in connection to our goals. Establish your final goal before producing articles that advance it.

Following are some of the commonly aimed topic designs that can help you narrow down your decision—

  • “How To” topics for DIY and similar tutorial blogs.
  • Listicles with the number of items you wish to present.
  • Tips and advice for health, career and beauty-related blogs.
  • Explainer blogs for new technologies, products and services.
  • News articles.
  • Personal experience blogs for travel, food, family and lifestyle topics.

Great subjects are based on things that are appealing to everyone. Make a list of excellent blogs and frequent them to get inspiration for your own.

Keyword Research

One of the most crucial aspects of blogging is SEO since it brings the correct customers to your website. The first step to efficient SEO is selecting the proper keywords and conducting thorough research.

Download the Organic Website Traffic Industry Standards analysis to examine how your site compares to the most recent benchmarks for organic traffic by industry.

Designing The Structure

A well-structured text makes it easier to read and, as a result, makes it easier for your readers to grasp your work. It’s more probable that readers will find the solution to their problem if they can better grasp the information you present.

You have a good chance of moving up the rankings when Google determines through so-called user signals that you’re providing insightful responses to particular queries.

Here are a few tips for an ideal blog structure—

  • Although paragraphs might be long or short, we would recommend writing in short paragraphs for websites.
  • You should utilise a lot of transitional terms in your writing to lead your readers.
  • Use short intros for all long paragraphs. These phrases alert the reader to your summary.
  • For readers to rapidly browse through your material and determine whether or not to read your post, headings are crucial.
  • We suggest placing a title above very lengthy paragraphs or many shorter paragraphs that are thematically related.


An excellent blog post begins with research. Writing well cannot be done if you don’t conduct research.

The best way to include different points of view on your subject is to take inspiration from others’ work. You could overcome such constraints in your subsequent work.

You can think of different issues that you might overlook by evaluating other people’s writing. Therefore, attempt to develop the habit of researching before you start posting.


Make the necessary preparations to ensure that your blog article is read when you’ve finished writing it. Email and social media marketing are two of the best strategies to advertise your blog and attract followers.