Hi, I hope you are doing well. Today I am discussing about Kuta Software. Kuta Software LLC is situated in North Bethesda, Maryland. We’re committed to giving maths instructors the best resources we can.

Kuta Software Properties

Easy Spacing

Uncover The Answer

Scale Assignment

Smart Decisions

Response Format

KUTA Software

KUTA Software

Kuta Software LLC is a small business based in Rockville, Maryland. We strive to provide math teachers with the most valuable tools possible.

Years of experience teaching math in the classroom have provided us with valuable information about the specific needs of today’s math teachers.

Kuta Software, for this experience is demonstrating in the usefulness of the software we create.

Being the teacher, you can make a difference in the classroom. Whatever your style, method, or philosophy, you need good math problems to share with your students.

Our products help you create precisely the issues you need for Kuta Software.

This power gives you the freedom to teach your way, adapt to your classes and students, and keep trying new things.

Kuta Software Properties

After you have created a task, you can regenerate all your questions with one click. The new questions have the same parameters as the original questions but are entirely new.

The feature is at the heart of our software and what makes it so powerful: you choose the properties of the questions, not the questions themselves.

Also, when a question is replaced, you get a new one similar to the original question.

Therefore, How does it work? You can create entire tasks, individual question groups, or individual questions from scratch.


Easy Spacing

Easy Spacing

Place the entire task at the desired length with one click. Give your students enough space to display their work by increasing the distance. Or you can save paper by reducing the spacing.

The distance can also be controlled manually.

Project questions on the blackboard

Presentation Mode

Very useful as a teaching aid in combination with an LCD projector or other display system. One to four questions are displayed on the screen at a time.

Use this feature during class. Prepare your examples with the software, then use a projector to display the questions on the board.

It saves time in planning and teaching and makes it easy to present long questions or questions with graphics and diagrams. When a question is displayed, you can:

Change the zoom level so students can read it in the background.

Once you’ve solved the question, draw lines next to the question to organize your work.

Move on to another question – beneficial when checking homework.

Uncover The Answer

  • Show/hide question numbers and instructions.
  • Print menu with multiple versions
  • Printing multiple versions
  • Print multiple versions of a job

You control how each new version creates: shuffle the options, mix the questions, or ask entirely new questions. Also, you can save each new version after it has been completed.

Scale Assignment

Increase or decrease the number of unanswered questions in the assignment proportionally. It is beneficial when planning a lesson.

You can create some questions as examples and then increase the number of questions to complete a project.

Then, the homework will be brand new, but it follows precisely from the lesson, and you don’t need to rearrange the questions.


Export the questions as bitmap images and paste them into the favourite word processing software.

Questions created with our products can be added to existing tasks that you created with other programs. Or you can brush up on old charges by replacing old questions with new ones.

All questions are available for export.


Smart Decisions

Smart Decisions

Good Multiple-Choice Questions

You can switch between free answer and multiple-choice formats for each question you create.

Multiple choice questions are associated with clever and potentially misleading decisions.

Also, some are based on students’ common mistakes, while others are random but close to the correct answer.

You control the number of options each question has, from two to five.

Merge Tasks

Merge two or more tasks into one. It quickly creates quizzes, tests, and monday by merging unit assignments and scaling the total to an appropriate length.

monday.com vs asana: Asana allows you to leave comments at the task, project, and team levels, whereas Monday only lets you comment on tasks. Asana facilitates communication between your team in a variety of ways throughout the app. Monday, on the other hand, offers only one way to communicate with your team: at the task level.

The questions will be new and will follow exactly what you have taught.

Diagrams are drawn to scale

All diagrams are accurately drawn except when the answer is given. If an angle is labeled with 30 °, then it is 30 °.

When the sides of a triangle are labeled 3, 4, and 5, their lengths are 3: 4: 5. Displaying accurate diagrams helps students understand angles and dimensions intuitively.

Response Format

When you print an assignment, choose how responses are reported:

On an answer sheet

On an answer sheet with only the chances

In context (next to/within the question)

It has no answer sheet


Graph paper and utility for charts

Complement your lessons with high-quality graphics and graph paper of any size.

Graphics can be of any logical and physical size. Each graph can contain zero or two functions.

You can also tile graphics across the page to maximize paper use.

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