NSE: Vikaslife – Vikas Lifecare’s wholly owned subsidiary – Genesis Gas Solutions (Genesis), has received its first orders for ultrasonic gas meters worth Rs 3 crore. Ultrasonic meters are considered the most efficient in terms of accuracy and reliability because these meters derive the volume flow rate of gas by measuring the transit times of high-frequency sound waves. Ultrasonic meters are especially needed on large-diameter gas lines where using mechanically driven meters is a commercial loss.

The meters supplied by Genesis will be part of the Field Regulating Skid (FRS) used by various gas distribution companies in the city. Genesis signs an agreement with SICK AG, Germany, to supply ultrasonic gas meters for industrial and commercial gas clientele. Genesis developed a 4G modem and included its own MDM solution, Ener Dash, with the UltraSonic meters (FlowSic 500) supplied by them to customers.

NSE: Vikaslife – Vikas Lifecare is engaged in the trading and manufacturing of polymers, rubber compounds, and additives for plastics, synthetic and natural rubber.

Vikas Lifecare Share Price

Vikas Lifecare Share Price

NSE: Vikaslife – Vikas lifecare share, Vikas life share price, Vikas life care share price, Vikash lifecare share price is ₹3.25 as of 19 Apr ’23. The share price of any stock is explosive and keeps changing throughout the day owing to different factors. NSE: Vikaslife – Vikas Lifecare share price is ₹3.25 as of 19 Apr ’23.

OK Life Care

OK Lifecare Private Limited is an Indian non-governmental company. It is a private company classified as a “société en commandite par actions”.

The company’s authorized capital stands at Rs 1.0 lakhs and has a paid-up capital of 100.0%, i.e., Rs 1.0 lakhs.

OK Lifecare Private Limited is primarily in the business services business, and the business operations are currently active.

The company registers at the Delhi (Haryana) Registry Office. The registered address of OK Lifecare Private Limited is 133 B/29, RAM GOPAL COLONYNEAR SAGAR VILLA, ROHTAK, Rohtak,124001.

Vikas Lifecare Share Price NSE

NSE: Vikaslife – Today’s live share price for Vikas Lifecare Limited is NSE: ₹ 3.25 with a current market capitalization of Rs 466 Cr.

Vikas Lifecare Share Price BSE

NSE: Vikaslife – Today’s live share price for Vikas Lifecare Limited is BSE: ₹ 3.22 with a current market capitalization of Rs 466 Cr.

NSE: Vikaslife

Vikas Lifecare Limited (formerly Vikas Multicorp Ltd.), established in 1995, mainly engages in waste plastic recycling, polymer compound trading, and polymer compound manufacturing. The company is a chemical trading house related to polymer additives based in the capital. It has rich experience in the field and in-depth knowledge of the international and local polymer market.

With over 2 decades of experience manufacturing specialty chemicals for the plastics industry, VLL deeply understands product design and market trends. The company has a wealth of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of international and local polymer markets.

The company has established an industry benchmark for quality of service and value creation for its customers, who have shown their trust and loyalty. And also, the company is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the trade and manufacture of PVC, EVA, PP, PE compounds, BASE polymers, additives, and chemical products (for the plastics industry). Its manufacturing facility is at Vigyan Nagar, RIICO Industrial Zone, Shahjahanpur, Rajasthan, Alwar, and Rajasthan.

Business Area of the Company

The Company mainly recycles waste plastics (recycling materials) and trades polymer compounds. Until 2019, the company engage in the business of various polymer compounds such as ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA compounds), polyvinyl chloride resins (PVC resins), chlorinated paraffin, polyethylene compound ( PE compounds) and thermoplastic rubber compounds (TPR compounds).

However, following the acquisition of the “Recycled and Commercial Compounds Division” of the “Vikas Ecotech Limited” group under the scheme of arrangement approved by the National Company Law Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi, the company also started manufacturing Polymer Compounds such as PE Compound, Polyvinyl Chloride Compound (PVC Compounds), V Blend SOE Compound, Polypropylene Compounds (PP Granules), TPR Compounds from FY 2019-2020.

Lifecare Pharma

Lifecare Pharma

Launched in 1999, LifeCare Pharmaceuticals is now one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors in Chennai. Being one of the “Top Two” pharmaceutical distributors in Chennai, LifeCare Pharmaceuticals has its reputation. Service is the keyword that From humble beginnings, LifeCare Pharmaceuticals has grown with a growing number of companies under its umbrella and a growing customer base. Our coverage reaches every nook and cranny of Chennai and its outskirts.

Our strength lies in all of the 750 pharmaceutical companies and their divisions under our distribution with our tireless sales team that caters to the entire “Chennai” market. The products will cover nearly 85% of a chemist’s needs. We serve almost 3000 clients, including significant hospitals/corporate institutions and government hospitals in Chennai.

Our infrastructure includes 24/7 walk-in cold rooms for cold chain products transported to hospitals/retailers through a dedicated sales team in refrigerated packs that maintain The cold chain. We have a solid sales team of 40 sellers and 10 deliverers exclusively for institutions. They work on Sundays and public holidays until 1:00 p.m. to serve suffering patients.

We extend our services to the Up-Country market with a whole team working from our office, collecting orders from retailers and delivering them overnight. Many patients in remote areas benefit from this service by obtaining products that are not available in the local market.

At LifeCare, the patient is our highest priority. All our activities and efforts, from the purchasing team to ensure availability, to the warehouse and logistics staff, to the delivery people, are entirely focused on the ultimate customer, “the patient.” This will be our continued effort and commitment to the medical fraternity.

Aakash Healthcare


The Center of Excellence in Orthopedics and Joint Replacement is a state-of-the-art facility of Aakash Healthcare, considered among the best orthopedic hospitals in Delhi. The Center offers systemic treatment and care for all orthopedic complications and joint problems. Aakash is the best orthopedic hospital in Dwarka, and some of the best orthopedic surgeons in Delhi are available for any knee or joint pain you may be facing.

The Center combines state-of-the-art technology and orthopedic excellence in all its specialties; Knee replacement surgery, sports injury surgery, robotic knee surgery and joint replacement, sports medicine, pediatric orthopedics, and pain organization. Aakash ranks as the best hospital for knee removal in Delhi, and this is because we ensure that our patients receive the uppermost level of care along with the complete notice and expertise of the best knee surgeons in Delhi.

The populace participating in physical activities has increased dramatically over the past decade. This has also led to more injuries and problems, meaning more people seek orthopedic care.

The field of orthopedics has been revolutionized by significant technological advancements over the past decade. Some of the best Orthopedic Surgeons in Delhi perform Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery, Robotic Knee Replacement, Arthroscopy, Total Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement, Foot & Ankle Surgery, and Hip Surgery shoulder and elbow, etc. with high levels of success at Aakash Healthcare thanks to these advancements.

The Center of Excellence has digital orthopedic operating theaters for robotic surgeries. Our joint implants and prostheses comply with all global standards, perfectly sized and customized for perfect fit and positioning. This provides greater flexibility for the replacement joints and satisfies the patients, making Aakash Healthcare the best hospital for knee replacement surgery in Dwarka and beyond.

Treatments Offered

Disc Replacement Surgery

Joint back pain will resolve with rest for a few days or weeks, combined with therapy. Still, if the pain has been present for six months and not civilizing with treatment and medication: it may require back replacement surgery disk to restore the ability to function correctly.

Disc replacement surgery will restore the pressure group and relieve pain. Aakash ranks among the best orthopedic hospitals in West Delhi and, with some of Delhi’s best orthopedic doctors on board, has raised the bar for orthopedic treatment and surgery in the city.

Total knee Replacement Surgery

If you are looking for the best knee replacement surgery in Delhi, look no further than Aakash Healthcare. Our total knee substitute surgeries are safe, successful, and beneficial in relieving pain, correcting deformities, and helping many patients return to their daily lives.

Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery

In this surgery, the damaged joint returns with a prosthesis that mimics the movement of a healthy joint. We perform some of Delhi’s best joint substitute surgeries for knees, ankles, hips, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Hip and hip knee replacement surge

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

This surgery relieves hip pain and restores function by resurfacing the bones that meet at the hip joint. Some of the best hip replacement surgeons in Delhi perform highly successful and seamless hip replacement surgeries at Aakash Healthcare every year with utmost safety.


A relatively common joint disorder where inflammation occurs in one or more joints. Doctors will try to stick with anti-inflammatories in the early stages to limit swelling and control pain. However, surgery will become necessary when the joint cartilage is far too damaged, and any effort to use the joint becomes too painful.


The most common joint bone disorder known to us, osteoporosis, makes the bones weaker and more susceptible to uncomplicated and unprecedented fractures. Osteoporosis usually progresses without painful symptoms, and if you suspect osteoporosis. You should immediately consult the best orthopedic doctors in Delhi for prompt intervention.


It is a fairly common disease and occurs due to inflammation of the spinal joints. Like osteoporosis, spondylitis expands without symptoms and becomes famous once wholly developed. There are three types of spondylitis: cervical, lumbar, and ankylosing spondylitis. At Aakash Healthcare, our doctors, physiotherapists, and caregivers work jointly to improve a patient’s posture and mobility. Spondyloarthritis can quickly correct with these, sometimes with medication.

At Aakash, our doctors do not advocate surgery unless there is no other alternative and provide our patients with the best treatment and comprehensive care from consultation to discharge. Our patients carefully evaluate to determine if they are suitable candidates for a particular surgery. Good candidates are those with no history of disc surgery. And also, who do not have osteoporosis or spinal deformity. It must have good general health, no arthritis, and infection of the spine, should not be overweight, and should not be pregnant, preferably.

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