What is RAGE Plugin Hook?

RAGE Plugin Hook connects to games based on the RAGE engine and acts as an interface between game and custom code known as plugins.

Also, plugin developers can perform actions like spawning characters, making characters fight each other, blowing things up, etc.

As the name suggests to us, RAGE Plugin Hook hooks into and interfaces between custom code and RAGE engine-based games such as Red Dead Redemption 2.

rage plugin hook

Power of .NET

Write plugins with power and comfort of the .NET Framework.


The plugin system in RAGE Plugin Hook allows you to write plugins like you write regular programs.

Code Reload

Plugins can reload individually, allowing you to quickly make changes to code and see the result without restarting the game.

Developer Tools

RAGE Plugin Hook includes a powerful console that can perform various actions, like reloading plugins, executing code on the fly, etc.

Plugin Details

Which platforms are supported?

All PC platforms, S., E.g., Steam, and Rockstar Game Launcher

Which games are supported by it?

Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Grand Theft Auto V.

I’m not a developer; does that help me?

Yes. Since the hook is the interface between the plugins and the game, this plugin is required to run the plugins.

In which languages can I write plugins?

Moreover, it is CLI library, so any CLI compatible language so we can use it to write plugins, including but it is not limited to the following:

  • C #
  • VB.NET
  • C ++ / CLI

What About C ++?

C ++ is not a CLI-compliant language, so not.
However, if you insist on using C ++, you can use C ++ / CLI.
But do yourself a favor and learn C # instead.

I’ve never coded before; which language should I learn?

We strongly encourage you to learn C #.

Which plugins can you write?

Whatever you set out to do. With the plugin, you can perform functions in the game, e.g., B. Cars, characters, horses, etc.

Can I use this in online mode?

No, to protect the integrity of the online mode, the online way is locked while this is active. If you want to play online, please run the game without this.

rage plugin hook

RAGE Plugin Hook Uses and Review

However, i am so confused about plugins and regular mods

Meanwhile, i would love to play online (unmodified) and SP (with modifications).

Also, I thought the best way to do this would be to keep all its mods out of my GTA V directory, and I get this mod manager.

After that, problems of TONS I concluded that it would NOT work with the plugins.

Is that correct for now? Yes, I had RAGE installed, and everything else needed for these plugins, but everything was in the Mod Manager folder (except RAGE and LSPDFR).

And, i think most / all regular non-RAGE mods worked, but only LSPDFR and one other plugin worked from plugins. Upon further investigation, these are the only ones in my GTA V directory. Would I be correct in assuming that’s why they worked, and the others didn’t?

So, if that’s correct, all the non-RAGE mods can be in my admin-managed mods folder (Libraries> Documents> GTAV mods for me), and all my RAGE plugins should be in the GTA directory -V in a complement. File?

Meanwhile, should all those related to LSPDFR be in an LSPDFR folder inside the plugins folder? How do I know what it is? From what I can tell, it’s a plugin if you have a .dll. Is that wrong?

Unfortunately, my plugins folder is always automatically deleted. Can I make one by myself?

Therefore, here is a list of all mods I’m TRYING to install. I can add an asterisk if it’s related to LSPDFR for gta v rage plugin hook, rage hook plugin, and rage native ui.

List of Mods

Agency Callouts

Arrest Manager

Assorted Callouts

Bank Robbery


Car Dealer

Code 3 Callouts



LSPDFR (not adding asterisk, it is LSPDFR)

Native Trainer

Native UI

Open All Interiors

Police Radio

Prison Life

Script Hook

Script Hook DotNet

Traffic Control

Turn Signals

However, that’s my mod list in the manager and not sure if they should all be in there, rage plugin hook, rage hook plugin, rage plugin hook crash, rage, rage plugin hook, rage plugin hook, rage plugin hook, rage plugin, gta 5 rage plugin.

Also, seriously any insight into how to safely use the RAGE plugin hooks and regular mods with the manager can be greatly appreciated, as I have screwed my game up so severely.

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