The quarantine life has pushed people to find different avenues of entertainment. And lucky for us, it hasn’t been that difficult. The technological evolution has made the entire switch and transition as smooth as possible. From grocery shopping to bank transfers, technology has managed to automate every critical task and simplify every aspect of our lives. Like everything else, technology has also made high-quality easily accessible for all of us, especially online streaming services.

With time, the availability of HD TV content via streaming platforms has led to an increase in the number of cord-cutters. Online streaming platforms make a great cable replacement because they come power-packed with all your favorite TV shows, documentaries and offer an extensive on-demand catalog – at incredibly reasonable rates!

If you’ve been contemplating cutting the cord or want to switch to another streaming service, you’ve come to the right place to be convinced! We’ve rounded up the top 3 streaming services you should subscribe to if you want quality worthwhile TV entertainment at all times! Check them out:



Netflix is no stranger to us. We’ve all heard about the globally acclaimed Netflix productions that took the world over by storm. It has always dominated the market with its pick of the crème de la crème. From original productions to comedic specials and docuseries, for only $9 a month, Netflix offers more than you can imagine.

Plus, that’s not it. Get your hands on original exclusive content and stream your favorites on up to 4 different screens simultaneously!

By signing up now, you can make up to 5 different profiles with a single account and find recommendations based on your profile. Netflix also allows you to add the movies and shows you like to your watch list and provides recommendations on your dashboard based on those. Moreover, you can never get bored with the flavors Netflix has to offer. It keeps refining its catalog with the best of the best content to maintain consistency and quality.

The power of Netflix is undeniable and with prices starting from only $9, it’s a sweet deal you can’t resist.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon joined the streaming industry with its launch of Amazon Prime. From running as a worldwide e-commerce business to entertaining millions of subscribers with original and entertaining content, Amazon has left no stone unturned.

It’s the perfect pick if you want to share an account with your friends or have a family of streamers. It has something for everyone, from children to adults, the incredible streaming platform offers fun and entertaining content for all age groups. Make the most of all the services Amazon has to offer for only $119 a year!


HBO has been a family favorite for all the right reasons. Ever since we found HBO on cable, the thought of letting go of this particular channel as a consequence of turning into a cord cutter has been nothing less than daunting. Will we ever find such worthwhile and original content on other streaming platforms? Will we ever get the chance to watch Game of Thrones on other streaming platforms? The struggle was real – until HBO heard us!

HBO came out with its own app known as HBO Max. It comprises all our favorite classics — from Westworld and Game of Thrones to FRIENDS! HBO leaves us awe-struck every time with every one of its productions.

Plus, you can also find HBO content with Spectrum TV packages. The Spectrum Gold package offers an incredibly rich channel lineup of 200+ channels, including premium networks like HBO. Get in touch with Servicio al cliente de Spectrum and find available plans at your address.

With options like Spectrum and HBO Max, you never have to worry about never watching your favorite HBO classics ever again!

What Have You Decided?

Thanks to Amazon Prime, Netflix, and HBO, quality TV entertainment has never been this easy to find! If you’re looking for quality content, a decent selection, and incredible performance – within a budget, subscribe to any of the top 3 streaming services and transform your TV-watching experience!