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Television Studio Write For Us

Television Studio Write For Us
A television studio, or television production studio, is a fitting room equipped explicitly for video productions: live or pre-recorded (which will then go into post-production). And also, if you are willing to send your article on Television Studio for the Technologywebdesign site, please email us at

And also, a good TV studio has several separate rooms, and staff members communicate from room to room using specific equipment, which you will find listed further down this page.

What is a Television Studio Made of?

What is a Television Studio Made of?
A TV studio can be divided into two macro areas: the studio and technical.

The studio is where the show happens. It can be a newscast, weather forecast, talk show, quiz show, entertainment show, And also sports show, etc.

Depending on the number of viewers and the type of activities carried out, studios can be very large or small (as in the case of television news and the weather).

There are two types of studies: real and virtual.

Real Studio

  1. Real studios are set up according to the type of show, with furniture such as sofas, cabinets, desks, tables, video walls, sets, etc.
  2. And real studios must be at least 3 or 4 meters high so that all the necessary equipment can install to light the scene and create special effects without disturbing the close-ups and long mediums.
  3. Depending on the room’s dimension, the cameras can install in front of or around the stage, mounted on tripods for regular shots, or on rails or brackets for more dramatic images.
  4. In some cases, when the type of show requires it, it is possible to install robotic cameras on rails on the ceiling, crossing the stage from above.
  5. In addition to cameras, monitors must also be installed, allowing presenters and the audience to know what is being broadcast. This is useful, for example, when commercials end and the director is about to turn the studio cameras back on.
  6. Often all camera signals send to specific monitors, allowing multiple viewing. This is incredibly useful for directors because they can easily decide what to do during interviews where several guests are in the studio.
  7. On the other hand, when the speakers meet outside – a press correspondent or a sports journalist attending a football match – large monitors or video walls install and recorded live in the studio.
  8. And also, loudspeakers are also necessary to have good general acoustics in the studio, which allows for high-quality communication. This is particularly significant in the large studio’s container so the guests can hear each other and the external speakers.

Virtual Studio

  1. A virtual studio is made using the essential chroma technique.
  2. And also, the walls and floor paint in a unique green colour. Alternatively, green screens can be hung throughout the room.
  3. Thanks to the video mixer, it will be possible to edit the images by replacing the green background with what the director wishes to insert: a clip, an idea, or a virtual studio.
  4. When using the essential chroma technique, special attention should pay to some crucial details that will make the recording successful.
  5. Firstly, the illumination must be evenly distributed on all Cartesian axes. And also, if shadows were present, the software editing the green colour would misapprehend them, creating very unprofessional effects.
  6. Additionally, hosts and guests must wear clothing that does not resemble green dye. The better the contrast, the more realistic the result will be.

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