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Let’s go, user experience design is something that most of us associate with websites. But why don’t we go beyond the website?

So, I ask this:

As a consumer, it’s so rare that you only interact with a brand through their website. Take an e-commerce site, for example. You buy him a product and what happens then?

Before, Receive a confirmation email

After that, Receive another email when the package is shipped

Meanwhile, You may receive another notification by email or SMS when the package is deliver;

Then, Get the package back and open it.

However, You open your purchase and use it.

Therefore, these are all an adjunct of the early user experience on the website.

Moreover, if there is just one down side it can easily undermine the confidence and joy you experienced after quickly finding and buying what you needed on the website.

So, today I want to look at 10 areas where UX design needs to go beyond the website to ensure that the smooth experience that started there stays intact.

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Extension of the UX Design Beyond the Website

As a web designer, you may think that this part of the user experience is not your responsibility. And you may be right about that.

Just as, for brands to be truly successful and profitable someone needs to carefully examine the bigger picture.

Extension of the UX Design Beyond the Website

And, make sure that the user experience is seamless no matter how far you are from the website.

On the other hand, you should at least share the research and UX strategy you’re doing on a client’s site so your team can make sure it gets carried over to other areas of the business.

Here are some things to keep in mind:


It’s not uncommon for websites to have mobile apps these days. The layout does not have to be the same as mobile device users tend to behave differently than desktop users.

That said, an app shouldn’t force users who are used to the desktop experience to relearn how to navigate or interact with the brand.

Therefore, branding, UI design, speed, security and navigation have to keep up with the already established ones in terms of uses.

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Still, most websites have a direct link to email. For example, blogging newsletters, purchase confirmation emails, and lead generation follow ups all start on the website.

Consumers know very well that when they give their email address, they will receive an email in return. In many cases, these emails are welcome if done correctly.

However, if something feels wrong, that bridge between the brand and the consumer could easily burn.

To maintain the UX, emails should include:

  • Same visual and branding style as the website
  • A personalized subject line, greeting, or offer
  • Consistent messages like the site, especially when it comes to the call-to-action.

In contrast, another thing to keep in mind is that emails are not the time to add dark patterns to the experience.

Therefore, the option “Log out” should be in an easily recognizable area and with a strongly contrasting font color.


Likewise, Social media is another channel that is often associated with a website.

Meanwhile, you can’t control the art of the social media websites themselves, the images and messages in the posts need to be branded.

Moreover, it means that elements like memes and emojis, which are popular social media channels, should only be used if they are typically part of the brand identity.

Otherwise, you’ll need to find other ways to communicate in an lovely way.

However, another position of the user experience that you should think about is customer service. Meanwhile, Social media is a bit like stepping into a store.

At the last, if someone has a problem with what they bought or the service they received, many people will be there to witness the complaint.

Therefore, social media only boost this, so the quality of customer support needs to match the way the brand is dealing with it elsewhere.

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