This is a ground floor plan of 60 by 20 ft house plans. The special thing about this house is that it gives a very modern look and all the facilities are also current as required nowadays. The more facilities available at home, the easier and faster the work is, but modern technology change our lifestyle, and our culture is left behind. Because of all these inventions, our work has become easy.

60 by 20 Ft House Plans

Not all the inventions need to be right, some also have a bad effect on our health, so it is important to take care of all these things.

60 by 20 House Plan

Now we come to the bedroom, which is in the northwest direction, and the size of this room is 15×10. And the interior of this room has been done very well. In this room wardrobe, dressing table and double bed are all pre-made. All this interior work do with plywood because nowadays all these people are getting it done, plywood is in trend nowadays. You can also install ac in this room, and a ceiling fan is installed, and the design of a false ceiling has also been doing very well in this room.

After this comes the next room, the storeroom, which is in the west direction, the size of this room is 10×10. All the things can store in this room. And whatever is necessary for the whole year can keep here. There is a washroom on the side of this room. Which is 6×9, in which 6×6 has a bathroom. There is a space of 3 feet in front where the washbasin can install.

60 by 20 House Front Elevation Designs

Let us now come to the main topic, which is about the design of the house. This is a 20×60 house plan ground floor plan. It is 2BHK with plenty of parking space in front of the house. The parking area is 15×8 cars, and the bike can park here. After this comes the living room, which is 10×15, the furniture and interior of this room are very well designed. Both have been kept in combination. Due to this, the room looks more attractive.

Now let’s move on to the bedroom, which is 15×15, and the interior of this room has also been done very well, in which all the false ceilings, beds, dressing tables, wardrobes will be made all these have been made according to the colour combination. Meaning the colours have been taken care of whether the chosen colours look good together or not, which is also necessary. They were now coming to the next bedroom, which is 11×14 in size.

60 by 20 House Plan with 2 Bedrooms

This, there are two bedrooms on the first floor, and the kitchen makes. There is also an attached bathroom in the bedroom, and a common washroom also remains. First of all, let’s talk about the kitchen, whose size is 10×7. The kitchen makes with modular fittings, but it also has a sink.

After the kitchen comes to the common washroom, whose size is 6×6, it a combine late bath, in front of it, a washbasin can also install. And also, after this comes the main bedroom, whose size is 20×15, this room also has an attached bathroom, whose size is 4×5. There is also a wardrobe, there is also a place for dressing.

After this comes the second bedroom, whose size is 15×15. This room also has a wardrobe, where you can keep a double bed. This room does not have an attached bathroom. After this comes the balcony, where you can sit and take fresh air and plant trees in a pot. I hope you will like this house very much. And you will get to see very similar house plans like 20 feet by 60 feet house plans on our website.

South Facing House Vastu Plan 60 by 20

House Vastu Plan 60 by 20

And in this room also everything is the same as it was in the previous room because all these things are necessary and should be in all rooms normally. Now let’s move on to the kitchen, which is 10×8. The kitchen is spacious and modular, in which cabinets are made. To keep the same, there is a dining area adjacent to the kitchen, in which there is a good place to keep tables, fridge, etc. Its size is 8×8.

There is a washroom on its side, which is a common washroom. The attached bathroom not provides in the rooms. The size of this common washroom is 6×7.

60 by 20 House Plan with Car Parking

60 by 20 House Plan with Car Parking

This is the South Facing House Plan of 20 x 60 homes floor plans. In this plan, you will get everything according to Vastu and also there is so much space in front of the house that the car can park easily here. This design makes according to the vehicle’s parking, and this design has also made keeping in view the Vastu. Today’s time has changed, but some people give great importance to Vastu Shastra, so this plan design according to Vastu. The main gate of the house opens towards the east.

Now let’s talk in detail about the house. First of all, talk about the porch whose size is 8×10 in which the car can park. From the patio, we enter the living room, the size of the living room is 15×15, and there is also a wall-mounted TV cabinet, which is in trend nowadays. You get to see it in everyone’s house. After this comes the kitchen, which is in the southeast direction and the angle formed between these two directions call the Agni angle and according to Vastu.

The kitchen should be at the firing angle only. The size of the kitchen is 7×8. And the kitchen is also modular nowadays. Everyone likes to have a modular kitchen. There is a dining area in front of the kitchen, it is in the south direction, and its size is 15×7, where the fridge can keep on the dining table.

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