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Digital trade involves cross-border transactions or numerically controlled goods and also services that can be delivered numerically or physically. In the same way as the reductions in transport and coordination costs have enabled the fragmentation of production along the global value chains (GVC). And also, the reduction in information sharing costs help to reduce barriers to international trade. Please send us an email to your article at This leads to:

  • More traditional trade (less commercial costs) in all sectors (natural resources, agrobrequí, manufacturing, and high-tech services).
  • And also, digitally ordered plots crossed borders with IMPLICATION for SMEs (more accessible commercial) and customs authorities (management of the influx of properties).
  • The stores delivered numerically, including new services (for example, intermediation services or cloud computing) and also lower-value services (applications), are often provided via new technologies (platforms).
  • More grouped or “smart” products combine the characteristics of goods and services and are constantly connected (intelligent speakers, And also IoT).
  • Most cross-border data flows support all-digital commercial transactions. However, but are new problems (confidentiality, national security, intellectual property protection, cybersecurity, and also industrial policy).

How is Digitalization Changing Commerce?

How is Digitalization Changing Commerce?
Digitization increases the scale, scope and speed of trade. And also, enables businesses to bring new products and services to more digitally connected customers worldwide. It also allows companies, especially smaller ones, to use innovative new digital tools to overcome barriers to growth, facilitate payments, enable collaboration, avoid capital investments through cloud-based services, and use alternative funding mechanisms such as fundraising.

Digitization is also changing the way we trade goods. For example, the enlargement of online platforms has led to an increasing number of small packages being sold across international borders. This raises several questions for policymakers, ranging from the physical management of the parcel trade to the implications for risk management (e.g. about counterfeit products or biosecurity standards) and revenue implications per share. And also, about the compilation of taxes and tariffs.

At the same time, new technologies and business models are changing the way services are produced and delivered, blurring the already blurred distinctions between goods and services and modes of delivery and introducing new combinations of goods and services. An intelligent refrigerator requires market access not only for good but also for the integrated service. And also, an item produced by 3D printing, for example, may cross a border as a design service, but it becomes a commodity at the point of consumption. Together, these issues pose new challenges to how international trade and investment policies are developed.

In digitalization, old trade issues may have new consequences, such as the impacts of cumbersome border procedures on parcel trade or restrictions on new tradable services, and new trade policy issues are emerging, such as the different regulations between the nations in relation, to data streams.

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