Family Man Season 2 Torrent

Family Man Season 2 Torrent

Family Man Season 2 Torrent – The Family Man is an Indian spy television series created by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. for the Amazon Prime Video streaming service and features Manoj Bajpayee as Srikant Tiwari, a middle-class man who secretly works as an intelligence officer for the Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC), a fictional bough of the National Investigation Agency.

Samantha Akkineni was hired for the show’s second season as the main antagonist, making her foray into the digital medium with Suparn S. Verma directing part of the season. The second season’s story focuses on the military resistance of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger Rescue and their plans to fight for freedom.

Details of Family Man Season 2 Torrent

Release Date: 4 June 2021

Language: Hindi

Genre: Action, and also Drama

Director: Raj Nidimoru, Krishna D.K.

Writer By: Raj Nidimoru, Krishna D.K., Suman Kumar, Suparn S. Verma, Sumit Arora, and also Manoj Kumar Kalaivanan

Producer: Raj Nidimoru, Krishna D.K., and also Rahul Gandhi

Music Director: Ketan Sodha, Sachin Sanghvi, and also Divya Limbasia

Production: D2R Films

Episodes: 9

Certificate: 18+


Manoj Bajpayee, Priyamani, Samantha Akkineni, Sharib Hashmi, Neeraj Madhav, Pawan Chopra, Kishore, Kishore Kumar G., Sharad Kelkar, Devadarshini, Gul Panag, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Sundeep Kishan, Sanyukta Timsina, Sunny Hinduja, Abhay Verma, Shahab Ali, Ashlesha Thakur, Vedant Sinha, and also Aritro Rudraneil Banerjee

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How to Download and Stream Family Man Season 2 Torrent?

How to Download and Stream Family Man Season 2 Torrent?

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More About the Family Man Season 2 Torrent

More About the Family Man Season 2

Episode: 1 Exile

Bhaskaran, Deepan and Bhaskaran’s brother Subbu flee an assault on their base by Sri Lankan forces led by Lasit Rupatunga. They decide to continue their fight for Tamil Eelam while running the state on a ship. Srikant Tiwari, the iconic T.A.S.C. manager, left the T.A.S.C. and now works as a computer scientist. Rupatunga asks Indian Prime Minister Basu to hand over Subbu to them. Suchitra quit her job and is looking for advice. It reveals that T.A.S.C. prevented Orion’s gas leak from becoming a major disaster. Prime Minister Basu asks Kulkarni to develop a plan to hand Subbu to the Lankan government.

JK is sent to Chennai to supervise a covert operation to arrest Subbu and bring him to TASC in Mumbai. Desk. However, Subbu dominates T.A.S.C. officers, takes hostages and refuses to negotiate. Srikant enlists the help of Chellam, a legendary retired agent who led missions in Sri Lanka and a close friend of Bhaskaran, to end the crisis. Bhaskaran convinces Subbu to turn himself in, and Subbu takes him into custody for killing TASC. And also, Kalyaan, a close buddy of Srikant’s daughter, Dhriti, leaves her home and turns out to be an ally of Sajid, the terrorist from the Orion chemical fiasco, who is now in London.

Episode: 2 Weapon

Major Sameer, the man behind the Zulfiqar mission, meets his boss, General Ansari, in London, informs him of a new task, Zulfiqar 2.0, and assassinates him. In Chennai, a woman, Raji, is harassed at work by her boss, Nanda, and on a ride from a prankster the day before. One night, as Eve’s advance tracks down Raji on a deserted street, she brutally attacks him, kills him, and reveals herself as a Tamil rebel agent. Srikant and Suchitra go to therapy. Sameer sends Sajid back to India to carry out the mission.

TASC Officers take Subbu to court, where Sajid detonates a bomb on a scooter that kills Subbu. Bhaskaran leaves the government in exile, paving the way for Deepan to become prime minister. Prime Minister Basu wants bilateral talks with Ruptunga in Chennai. Bhaskaran holds Prime Minister Basu responsible for her brother’s death and wants her to pay for it. Sameer meets Bhaskaran and extends his support for the cause. Bhaskaran activates the best unit led by Selvarasan. And also, Raji decides to end his life after news of Subbu’s death and Bhaskaran’s resignation. Salvarsan calls Raji and asks him to quit his job and wait for instructions for an assignment.

Episode: 3 Angel of Death

A few years ago, Selvarasan’s component stole C4 explosives from the Sri Lankan army and hid them at Point Pedro. Sambit informs Prime Minister Basu about the threat to his life; she is adamant about not changing the bilateral talks’ date, time, or place. A merchant calls Kalyaan a Salman but dismisses him when Dhriti questions him. Srikant takes Suchitra to a restaurant to rejoice on her birthday, and they discuss her marriage. Srikant quits his IT job after a solid but hilarious confrontation with his boss and joins T.A.S.C. Before departure for Chennai, guilt-ridden, Srikant visits Karim’s girlfriend, Jonali, and tells her that Karim is not a terrorist. Nanda learns Raji’s secret and blackmails her into inviting her to dinner. And also, Suchitra joins her work. Raji kills Nanda after sleeping with him after dinner.

Episode:4 Eagle

Srikant and J.K. meet Raji when she runs away from home. In a flashback, Raji show to be the best fighter pilot among the rebels. Sameer buys a flight school called Tigris Aviation from a buddy of Bhaskaran. Srikant joins the T.A.S.C. team in Chennai. Inspector Umayal begins to investigate Nanda’s disappearance. Chellam shares a list of rebel havens with Srikant and his colleague J.K. Talpade. Umayal interrogates Raji at his house and asks him not to leave town without permission. And also, Umayal is suspicious of Raji and returns to find Srikant and JK with Nanda’s remains.

Episode: 5 Homecoming

Srikant and JK are arrested and spend the night in custody. Umayal joins the T.A.S.C. crew. TASC identifies Raji as a rogue agent. Raji, Selvarasan and Sajid diagram meet at Vedaranyam, the former rebel base, and leave for Sri Lanka to collect supplies for the mission. Noticing the activity on the rebel channels, Sambit and Kulkarni warn Deepan to arrest Bhaskaran. And also, Raji and Sajid pick up the C4s from Point Pedro.

Episode: 6 Martyrs

Raji and Sajid go back to Vedaranyam with the C4s. The T.A.S.C. Chellam advises Srikant to find the unit and shares the Jebraj address (code name: Local 52) with Vedaranyam. And also, the team catches Raji

Episode: 7 Collateral Damage

The T.A.S.C. The team finds the C4 detonator at Jebraj’s house. Dhriti leaves the house after a brawl with Suchitra. The murder chart is to fly a plane loaded with C4 to the convention centre where the bilateral talks occur. Sajid builds a new detonator and loads the aeroplane with C4. Salman and Dhriti are watching a movie and heading home. Sajid says goodbye to Raji and leaves for Bombay. Suchitra becomes concerned that Dhriti has not returned home and informs Srikant. And also, Ajit follows Dhriti’s phone to a local train. Srikant realizes that his daughter kidnaps him and heads to Mumbai.

Episode: 8 Vendetta

TASC suspects a 9/11 type attack. J.K. and Muthu are unable to check the plane at Tigris Aviation. Sajid calls Srikant and warns him not to get in his way. J.K. sneaks into the covered plane and discovers the C4s. The rebels attack the duo, and they take the wrap. They split up and manage to escape, but J.K. is shot and falls unconscious in a bush along the road. RPF shares a video of Salman at Dombivli station, where he drops Dhriti’s phone while his accomplice Syed is seen on CCTV footage in the mall. And also, The police begin to search for Salman and Syed. Shinde gets a lead on Syed’s location.

Along with Salman and Syed, Sajid plans to kill Dhriti to destroy Srikant brutally. Dhriti convinces Salman to release her and stabs him multiple times with a piece of glass, killing him. She then frees herself, but Sajid arrives and knocks her out.

Episode: 9 The Final Act

Shinde confirms the house’s location where Dhriti is held and informs Srikant of Sajid’s presence. The police besiege the building as Srikant, and his team break into the house, just as Sajid and Syed manage to escape through a window. They find Dhriti, who collapses in the arms of a relieved Shrikant, crying and sobbing. Srikant sends Dhriti to the hospital as the police engage in a shootout with Sajid and Syed.

Syed knocks down first, and Sajid starts shooting at the police and is eventually shot and wounded by Srikant, who, along with the police team, corners him and tells him to surrender. Sajid pretends to offer but tries to grab a policeman’s gun, after which the remaining police officers shoot him. In the hospital, Dhriti learns of Srikant’s good work. Srikant returns to Chennai to guide the T.A.S.C. team while JK is away. The rebels dismantle the aeroplane and take it to Kicha Farms near Sunguvarchatram. JK is found and admitted to the hospital. And also, the plane reassembles, and the insurgents plan to blow it up using a deserted highway.

Srikant and Muthu pursue Raji as she takes off on the plane. They run to blow up the plane, thus killing her. A large firefight ensues, and Selvarasan and the remaining rebels kill. Bilateral talks are proceeding as planned. The T.A.S.C. The team is honoured by Prime Minister Basu, who personally commends Srikant for risking his life in duty. And also, Srikant shares his knowledge with his family, and the scene ends just as Suchitra begins to divulge. The season ends with details on how India has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. An agent in Kolkata gets the green light from his Chinese manager for the Guan Yu project.

The Family Man Season 2 Songs

Discover all the songs of The Family Man: Season 2 below.

  1. Kiske Liye Tu Marega – Shreya Ghoshal, Mellow D
  2. Banjara – Ved Jamsandekar
  3. Gol O Pullani – Gulshan Irfan Khanday
  4. Khudi – The Local Train
  5. Harmukh Bartal – Jaan Nissar Lone, Sniti Mishra
  6. Hukus Bukus – Aabha Hunjura
  7. Navarasam – Thaikkudam Bridge
  8. Inbam – Mahesh Shankar
  9. Aarachar – Thaikkudam Bridge


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