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ForeFlight Web: Enjoy the powerful flight planning functions of Foreflight in your web browser. Plan, file and short, then transition to your mobile device without missing a beat – your planning activity automatically synchronizes over devices.

The planning on the Web is available to all front party customers.

Powerful Desktop Flight Planning

Planning on the Internet is the perfect complement to Foreflight Mobile, which enable you to check the timetable, manage the weather, manage aircraft profiles and more.

Route Editor & Navlog

Toggle between Routenditor and Navlog views. Add items in your route to a simple way and arrange arrange performance calculations in real time.

Smart Search

Our route search engine completes the results based on waypoint names or detections. It’s fast. Really fast.

Detailed Airport Information

Access frequencies, procedures, metares, forecasts and more with the click of a button.

Route Consultant

Enter departure and destination airports and choose from a series of new ATC-erased and preferred routes.

Airplane Profiles

Creating and editing aircraft profiles, complete with performance data and code access codes. Profiles automatically synchronize on your iPad and your iPhone.

Click on Planning

Rubber banding is fully supported on the web, and you can right-click from a list of near the nearby airports and waypoints.

The Graphics You Expect

Many of the charts and maps in Foreflight Mobile are also on the internet – and they are always up to date.

foreflight web

Government VFR & IFR Charts

Full Faa Vfr and IFR high and low enrich cover for the mainland USA, Alaska and Hawaii as well as SIDS, stars, approaches and airport graphs.

For Canada subscribers, a full library of NAV CANADA VNC, IFR High and Low Young Charts and SIDS, Stars, Approaches and Airport Charts.

And also, for European subscribers, Eurocontrol-represents VFR and IFR charts, SIDS, stars, approaches and aerodrome charts.

Road and Air Tickets

Our surface cards help you to be aligned with land borders, rivers, lakes and cities.

A Deep Weather

All core weather features in Foreflight Mobile are also available on the web. From the Avelmalen to the animated radar-it everything is available for a click.

Nexrad Radar

Animated, high-resolution Nexrad composite radar, complete with lightning strike, rotation detection and storm traces.

Infrared Satellite

Animated high-resolution infrared satellite images.

Flight Categories

Color-coded flight categories based on current weather reports.

Dew point spread

Quickly see Taupoint spread information, color-coded, based on the likelihood of adverse conditions.

AirMets & Sigmets

Avtets and Sigmets are applied directly on the map. Just click on one to get complete information.


Color-coded temperatures, directly on the map, applied on the basis of the current conditions.

Foreflight Global Aeronautical Maps

Welcome to the next generation of map technology.

Foreflight’s aeronautical maps look stunning on a desktop computer and feature a dynamic December of map elements and customizable aviation data that will show you the most relevant information on every zoom level.

Fuel Prices & FBO Directory Entries

Plan your fuel stops easily with the help of 100 len or jet fuel price map levels.

Access our complete FBBO directory containing service and contact information.

Integrated JetFuelX Fuel Prices

JetFuelx is the easy and quick way to manage your multiple fuel card memberships.

With our foreflight business performance or performance and plans, the contract prices can be easily displayed in Foreflight Mobile and the Internet.

File & Short Online

All of the same file and short functions that you can enjoy on Foreflight mobile phones are available through the web.

You can change and cancel IFR plans and enable and close VFR plans, and everything is synchronized immediately with your mobile devices.

Foreflight graphic briefing transforms the standard text briefing information and delivers it in a visually elegant design for better readability – and it looks astonishingly in the full desktop view.

Planning Advanced Performance on the Web

All advanced planning functions that provide FOREFLIGHT performance are available on the Web.

Access our library with powerful aircraft profiles, a sophisticated planning module that generates routes optimized worldwide.

And also, a wonderful user interface easy to use that simplifies the planning workflow – and everything is synchronized through your devices.

Up to the TGF Hour

Forefest in web shows both the data of the Active and Futures TGF in a graphic format directly on the map.

Then, future TFRS are yellow and active or little are red TFRS.

Click on a TGF to convert the full text of the FAA.

TFRS Stadium

Find out when and where TFRS stadium are active, it can be a pain.

Foreflight continues monitors Event dates of the Major Baseball League, National Soccer League, NCAA Football, Indy Car, NASCAR Sprint Cup and Formula One and integrates this information at the TGF card level.

Registration Book Additional functionality on the festival website

Additional log functions can be found on the festive web, for example, flight, foreflight.

For example, the ability to create entries, check diary configuration notebook to manage your aircraft registration book, and more.

Access and click on the book view on the left side, which is now having access to all family features and tabs that in Forefrower.

Also, including entries, designs, requirements, recording book and configuration Access to all family features and eyelashes, access all the usual functions and tabs

Showing in the tickets You can manage your registered flights and add new ones.

Then, to log in to a new flight, click on the top left at the top of the Create New Entry page.

Request a signature from your instructor by clicking on the signature request button at the bottom of an entry.

“Designs and queries” Registration book tab allows you to approve the design of title protocols or calendars presented and respond to student signing requests when you are a flight instructor.


It is activated with the adjustment of the creation of entry records for the design (Registration Book> Settings> Design Creating an entry) Track or calendars presented are automatically displayed on the designs and tickets tab, which was approved after each flight .

On the Aircraft Logbook tab, you can manage your aircraft logbook in the same way as you are at the mobile FEESTIVAL.

Then, create new aircraft by adding “adding aircraft” or an existing airplane.

Also, you can check the individual aircraft entries by looking for the number or type of rear aircraft in the entrance view.

Then, registration book on the web also has a configuration tab that synchronizes the settings through your devices so that you can access your computer and mobile devices in the same way.

Select the input time format, select the default fields that you want to see in your log log.

And also, create your own custom fields with a wide selection of data types.

Sums for most custom fields are included in the Logbook reports that can also be viewed and exported the Reports tab.

Import, import and export views that can still generate reports, external registration books, import or export your blank logbook.

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