www. eurogamersonline .com – The website will be launched next Sunday, May 11, and the EuroGamersOnline Serie A finals will be held. The best eSports teams in Spain will compete to win the LoL and CoD championships. The EuroGamersOnline season reaches its final stretch next Sunday with the finals of Serie A, its highest-level competition. After three months of competition and a long road, the best eSports teams in Spain are just one step away from becoming the EGO champions.

As it could not be otherwise, EGO will broadcast the duel starting at 6 p.m. through its Twitch channel and feature Mark-Ox and Axel as casters. In Call of Duty: Ghosts, Giants will face off against AeQuus. The first arrive with renewed strength, ready to revalidate the title they won last year. A great match ahead will be decided at BO7 (best of 7), with a 1,000 euro prize for the winner.

The League of Legends final will between Over Gaming and Skulls (already proclaimed champion in the in-person event organized by SocialNat ), two teams that have already demonstrated their high level and promise a spectacle. In the case of LoL, the final will play at BO3 (best of three games), and the winner will be able to take home a succulent prize of 1,250 euros.

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About www. eurogamersonline .com is a subdomain of The hostname is associates with the IPv4 addresses and, as well as the IPv6 addresses 2606:4700:3037::6815:1b8f and 2606:4700:3037::ac43:8eec. The site has its servers in the United States and is run by the “Cloudflare” web server software.

www. eurogamersonline .com

Video games news and reviews website www. eurogamersonline .com is a British video game reporting website launch in 1999 and owned by Gamer Network. Since 2008, it has been known for the formerly eponymic games trade fair EGX, organized by its parent company, which was called Eurogamersonline Expo until 2013. From 2013 to 2020, the sister site, US Gamer, ran self-sufficiently under its parent company.

All team members must register on Eurogamer for the team anywhere.

3v3 booking with 2 people per team and a maximum of 1 or higher

They play the best of 5 games, i.e., who wins three games to win the round.

Points will be given to all opposing team members without having to go around. And be classified (in the semi-final will be best of 7 and final best of 9)

Points are given to all opposing team members without going the round.

If they die, the team will disappear for the other team.

The map will be at the farm (and the final point of each qualifying round will be Pueblo.

It will be 128 championship teams.

Is a group leader need to leave your Skype

It started in round 20, with no magic and no drinks.

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Review of www.eurogamersonline .com

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Registered on 01/31/2012, the company EUROGAMERSONLINE SL. Its purpose is RETAIL TRADE ON THE INTERNET. Its CNAE is 4778. It is another retail trade of new items in specialized establishments. This company is included in the SIC 5999 category. The last consultation of this company was on 08/26/2021, accumulating a total of 16 consultations. If you want to know the subsidies this company can aspire to, you can consult it on this website. This company places its capital around figures from 0 to €3,100. The section in which the company EUROGAMERSONLINE SL is register. in the Commercial Registry is Madrid. 2 acts are reflect in the BORME.

If you want more information about the company EURO GAMERS ONLINE SL, In that case, You can immediately access this expand Report of EUROGAMERSONLINE SL. and consult the results of their years of activity and the available balance sheets and income statements.

The last update of the company report was made on 10/27/2023.

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Legal Form: Limited society

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Constitution: Date 31/01/2012

International Activities: They do not appear

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Last data date: 27/10/2023

Last Deposit available in the Commercial Registry: 2013


As mentioned, the company EURO GAMERS ONLINE SL register in the CNAE activity “4778 – Other retail trade of new items in specialized establishments”. If you want to know more commercial information about euro gamer online SL. or the sector, access the extended report of the company EURO GAMERS ONLINE SL free of charge.

Tournament Organized by www. eurogamersonline .com

Tournament Organized by www. eurogamersonline .com

In this tournament, LG stood out as the official sponsor, which, together with Ozone and Versus Gamers, collaborated uniquely to make this tournament possible, in which €2,000 was at stake for the winner. In this tournament, the registration fees destine to support the people of Juegaterapia, people with cancer, most of them children, who need a console more than anyone else since, as their motto says, “chemo playing flies by.”

At the event, we saw DoctorePollo, the most influential YouTuber in the FIFA community. LG also provided all the monitors for the event so that all participants could enjoy the highest possible quality throughout the venue.

For those who do not know it, EGO  is an online platform focus on e-sports. It was found in June 2012 to create and promote competition in our country. Today, it has already made a well-deserve niche within the national panorama of electronic sports. In addition, it has the support and collaboration of several companies in the sector that help the philosophy of what start one day by just two people to continue being possible, always under the motto of “Work, respect, and humility.”


www. eurogamersonline. com reports on PC and video games with current news, tests, comments, tips, and reports. Video games news and reviews website. Eurogamersonline is a British video game journalism website launch in 1999 and own by Gamer Network. Since 2008, it has known for the formerly eponymous game trade fair EGX, organize by its parent company, which was called Eurogamersonline Expo until 2013. From 2013 to 2020, the sister site, USGamer, competed independently under its parent company.


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