The Messenger Inquirer is a local newspaper in Owensboro, Kentucky.

The Messenger Inquirer serves 15,087 daily and 20,383 Sunday readers in five counties in West Kentucky.


The newspaper roots until 1875 rackped, as Lee Lumpkin founded the examiner.

The name of the newspaper is later changing to the messenger. The Hager family bought the messenger in 1929, the owners of the Inquirer de Owensboro in the competition.

From 1864, when Thomas S. Pettit bought the document, he had changed his name on the monitor.

Immediately after controlling the document under publishing Pettite, several articles criticize the Republican Party and its policy violently during the Civil War.

On November 17, 1864, Pettit was arrested by orders by General Stephen G. Burbridge for “Notoriously unfaithful” in the Union.

Messenger Investigator Team

He was taken in Memphis, Tennessee, and moved to the Confederate Territory.

Also, in May 1865, he returned to Owensboro and found that federal authorities destroyed his impression and the printing press.

Therefore, traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio Replacement Devices to buy, and if the story of his arrest and subsequent travel to hear.

Also, the equipment dealers expand a generous credit line that allows him to buy more complex teams when used in Owensboro

Pettit revived the monitor with this new team and published his stories of war exile, which gives him great recognition in Kentucky.

In addition, the publishers of the future Senator are also publishing from the United States Thomas C.

McCreery, which gives the monitor greater credibility and raising his readers.

The newspaper was bought by A. H. Belo Corp. (then, owner of Dallas Morning News) in 1997 for an unloved sum.

Belo sold 2000 the newspaper to the Paxton Media Group.

Messenger Investigator Overview

Messenger Investigator Overview

The messenger-angry is a local newspaper in Owensboro, Kentucky. The Messenger-Inquirer serves 15,087 Sunday les every day in five counties in Westkentucky.

Therefore, Messenger consultations have been close. They find it in 1875.

Also, this established company loves to rent graduates from the University of Western Kentucky, with 30.0% of its employees who visits Western Kentucky University.

Then, messenger Sucrer is a great place to work, and is presenting as number 15 on the list of the best Zippia companies to work in Owensboro, KY.

Then, Messenger Scerer is a media company based in Kentucky Small with only 105 employees and an annual turnover of $ 8.5 million.

The Mission of the Organization

Firstly, the information provider was previously developed in the region where we serve.

Also, the Messenger Comruer publishes seven days a week and is the leading daily newspaper, serving Davies, Hancock, McLean, Muhlenberg, and Ohio counties in Westkentucky.

Work advantages in the Messenger-Inquirer

Therefore, Messenger-Inquirer offers its employees several learning opportunities, as well as excellent compensation and benefits packages.