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Network Hubs Write For Us

Network Hubs Write For Us

Are you passionate about networking technology? Our platform welcomes insightful contributions on network hubs. Share your expertise, tips, and latest trends in a concise 100-word article. From the basics of hub functionality to their role in modern networks, we invite writers to explore diverse aspects. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiast, contribute to our community by shedding light on the significance of network hubs in the ever-evolving world of connectivity. Join us in fostering knowledge and enhancing understanding within the networking community. Submit your 100-word piece for an opportunity to engage with a like-minded audience and make a valuable contribution to our platform.

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What Are The Two Types OF Network hubs?

Network hubs serve as central connection points for devices in a local area network (LAN). There are primarily two types of network hubs: passive hubs and active hubs.

Passive hubs operate at the physical layer of the OSI model and simply serve as connection points. They don’t amplify or regenerate signals, making them basic and cost-effective. Passive hubs are essentially multi-port connectors that enable devices to communicate within the network. However, they do not actively participate in signal management.

Active hubs, in contrast, operate at both the physical and data link layers. Also known as multiport repeaters, active hubs regenerate and amplify signals, allowing them to extend the network’s reach. Active hubs are more sophisticated and can improve the overall performance of the network by ensuring that signals remain strong and clear, reducing the chances of data loss or corruption. While they are more expensive than passive hubs, their signal management capabilities contribute to a more robust network infrastructure

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