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Lead management is acquiring and managing leads (prospects) until they make a purchase. It’s a more complex process than traditional advertising and especially applies to e-commerce stores that build one-on-one customer relationships. If you are willing to send your article on Lead Management for the Technologywebdesign site, please email us at

Also, lead management should not be confused with guide nurturing, a specific part of lead management that occurs toward the end of the process.

Process of Lead Management

Process of Lead Management

1. Capture Leads

Running sales and marketing campaigns for lead management is one obsession, and collecting and chasing them is another.

Lead management links your lead generation efforts with sales opportunities by collecting leads from multiple sources on one platform and necessary information such as source, campaign name, and more.

2. Lead Tracking

Do you think having potential customers’ email IDs and phone numbers is enough?

Not really.

You also need to find out if they want a sales conversation. You can get that information through lead tracking.

Lead tracking is an essential aspect of lead management where you track activities of leads such as:

  • Page visited on the site (if they visit your pricing page, this indicates that they are looking for a product/service)
  • Emails are opened and clicked to assess whether they are interested in engaging with your brand.
  • They answer phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Lead follow-up is also essential because it helps you remember the context during follow-ups.

3. Qualification of Prospects

67% of sales are lost due to poor lead qualification.

This happens when leads that aren’t ready for sale enter the pipeline. That’s why it’s crucial to qualify leads based on:

  • interest in buying
  • purchasing power
  • Compatibility (Does your product meet your needs?)
  • There is no tip in selling to people who will not buy at all.

But you should still save this information (along with the reasons) for future reference. Lead management helps you organize qualified data that you can access anytime.

4. Distribution of Prospects

Let’s say you have a side of sales reps for different geographies and crops.

How do you decide which lead should be assigned to which salesperson?

Lead distribution helps here:

  • For example, you can:
  • Pass the head to the American team if the location is in California
  • Or you can pass the initiative on to Jack if he is interested in Product A.
  • You can also have your lead distribution logic.

Lead management ensures the right lead is assigned to the right sales rep and information is available at all levels so everyone on the team is on the same page.

5. Nurture Leads

Lead nurturing is a thoughtful process of structuring relationships with prospects to turn them into qualified candidates. Companies have seen direct income benefits from leadership development programs.

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