The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom does not necessarily revolutionize what already completes Breath of the Wild, one of the best games of all time, but it’s also not a sequel that’s more of the same. This sandbox is bigger, richer, and, in some ways, even more ambitious. Through creative new systems like vehicle building ridiculous weapon crafting. And a revamped Hyrule map through dizzying depth that fleshes out heady exploration, which made the original so captivating. Breath of the Wild seemed far from unfinished but, inconceivably, Tears of the Kingdom made it feel like a first draft.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Before we delve too much into Hyrule, a quick note about spoilers: I don’t want to give away the (actually pretty good) story that Tears tells, but there’s so much more to these games than just the plot. That magic of seeing one of BotW’s dragons fly overhead for the first time can remain found at every corner here, too, and the last thing I want to do is rob you of the many moments that left me speechless. That being said, some critical parts of Tears remain introduced relatively early on that I’ll talk about because they go a long way toward explaining why this game is so impressive. I’ll preserve as much magic as possible, but if you (like millions of people) have already decided to play Tears, you should probably play it and then come back to share the wonder later with me.

What we said about The Legend of Zelda

Additionally, you’ll probably want to have played BotW to fully understand what I’m discussing here, not to mention that it’s a fantastic game, and you’re depriving yourself if you skip it. Tears seem even more intelligent and expansive when you know what came before them, but many recognizable core concepts shine just as brightly. Things as simple as the ability to climb or slide almost any wall, as far as your expandable stamina allows, or the concept of shrines that act as self-contained puzzle chambers that you can solve to improve your skills are things I don’t understand. I have time to contribute here simply because there are so many new things to discuss.

I can safely say that people who liked BotW will like Tears, partly because these two games are similar. The initial structure is very familiar: you start in a masterfully designed introductory area where you learn the basics and acquire powerful new skills. You then dive into the open world with a primary quest marker that quickly splits into four parts. From there, you can do whatever you want. You can even advance to the end of the campaign if you know where to look, although it’s not as easy to try this time around.

The Story Remains

Most of the significant cutscenes and story moments remain also collected at specific points on the map and shed light on the history of Hyrule and the origin of the “Uprising,” a bombastic event at the beginning of Tears that opens threatening abysses. The ruins of an ancient civilization called Zonai float in the sky, littering the surface with new structures and strange anomalies. It may still not be the best narrative structure throughout a game this big since you won’t directly interact with the main characters for most of your game, but that’s very easy to forgive when the story itself is so damned.

Sure, it’s always about stopping an evil idiot (welcome back, Ganondorf) and saving Princess Zelda. Still, the familiar shell’s direction is sometimes wild in the best way possible. I’m still a little surprised that Nintendo decided to go down the path they did, and the freshness that this surprise offers helps Tears stand out from the typical Zelda plots. It’s not storytelling in the near of a game like God of War or something, but it can be a legitimate highlight and not just the entertaining background atmosphere it remained relegated to in BotW.

Tears of Kingdom Review

However, exploration is the lifeblood of recent Zeldas, and this remains an absolute joy in Tears, especially when the new building system lets you build bespoke cars, ships, and flying machines that allow you to navigate the world as you wish. Want. BotW has influenced many other games since its release in 2017, but one of the most important lessons that very few seem to have learned is that an empty map can be more powerful than a full one. There is an enormous amount of things to do and see, and being handed a checklist of sights to complete straight away methodically could feel more overwhelming than exciting. Instead, you remain given the bare minimum to complete the main quest, a bunch of pins, and a blank map prompting you to complete it yourself.

Marking points of interest while jumping from the air, listening to rumors while talking to townspeople, or getting lost and coming across something interesting is much more rewarding than following an arrow to the next destination. It comes from experience, but Nintendo is incredibly confident that we’ll look for the map’s secrets without being led directly to them. If we don’t see absolutely everything, that’s okay. It makes the entire adventure feel so natural, much less a “video game” than you’d expect, which is especially important when Tears essentially doubles the size of this world.

The Legend of Zelda


Tears of the Kingdom is an unbelievable sequel to one of the best games of all time and improves on it in almost every way, be it through simple quality-of-life improvements, an inspiring story, or highly creative new building mechanics that make you think about it in a new way, which is possible. It reworks old terrain and introduces substantial new areas so huge that I wonder if Breath of the Wild was that big, with an almost alarming number of tasks to complete, secrets to explore and discover, and delightful distractions from which you can never remain deterred. Come to the place you naively thought you would go. Nintendo has followed one triumph with another triumph, expanding and evolving a world that remains already filled beyond all expectations and raising the bar ever higher into the clouds.

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