What is the Universal Pass?

The Indian government has digitized the Universal Pass issue, which can download via Telegram Bot or the website epassmsdma.mahait.org. This proves that you have been fully vaccinated with both doses and have completed the 14-day waiting period. It is obligatory to carry this certificate when visiting a public place or travelling on public transport.

Who can Benefit from a Universal Travel Pass?

All adult citizens of India who take both doses of vaccination and complete 14 days after the second dose are entitled to a Universal Pass. Children not require to apply for this certificate.

Why is the Universal Pass Mandatory?

This QR code-based online pass require fully vaccinated people to travel on public transport, including train stations, buses, airports, shopping malls, and other public places. This certificate proves that you have been fully vaccinated with both vaccine doses.

Is Universal Pass a Ticket to Travel?

The Universal Pass is not a ticket to travel. You must purchase the ticket separately online or at the reservation office. You will ask to present this certificate before the ticket issue.

  • Book train tickets online
  • Book bus tickets online

What Documents are Required for Universal Travel Pass?

Although you can request and download your Pass online, you will need to bring one of the following documents if requested by the authorities.

  • aadhar card
  • voter ID
  • Registration certificate
  • Government identification document
  • registered company
  • industrial papers
  • Registered mobile number

Can the Universal Pass be used all over India?

Yes, this pass can use all over India. It was initially implemented by the government of Maharashtra but has also adopt by the central government. This certificate is therefore valid in all states of India.

Is the universal pass only valid for essential service workers?

Now that we have come out of wave 3 of covid 19, the Government has allowed all citizens to travel by public transport. Everyone can create and use travel passes, not just essential service workers.

How to Request, Generate and Print the 2022 Online Pass for the General Public?

Fit the Telegram app from Google Playstore or Apple App Store. Open the app, type “Mahagov,” and select the first option, “MahaGovUniversalPass.”

  • Click “Start” to begin the process.
  • Click on “Request a Universal Pass.”
  • Write down the cell phone number you used on the Cowin site to get vaccinated.
  • Enter the “OTP” you received on your registered mobile number
  • Your name and registration number will come into view in the gray box. Click on the gray box.
  • All the details of your covid certificate will automatically appear on the screen. First, you need to check and click “YES.”
  • Click the pin icon next to the look for field and select your photo from the gallery. Make sure it has a 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Check if your photo uploads correctly. Then click “Confirm Photo”
  • You will receive a final corroboration with your photo and all the details from the Cowin website to create your Pass. Click “Confirm details.”
  • Now click on “Request a Universal Pass.”
  • Your Pass generate successfully. You will receive a link in the chat box, which you can click and confirm your Pass.
  • Click “Verify” to complete the process.
  • Your pass is now ready. Click Download to get a copy of your Pass. You can also obtain a screenshot for future orientation.

How to Order a Universal Travel Pass for your Property?

How to Order a Universal Travel Pass for your Property?

  1. To apply, you must first log into the online portal via epassmsdma.mahait.org
  2. Below you will see two ways to register your “property” and download the travel guide from the homepage.
  3. Click on “Register your establishment.”
  4. The form will display on the next page.
  5. In this case, filling all sub-branches with red marks is essential.
  6. To do this, you will require to enter a registration number.
  7. The type of establishment, the type of establishment, the photograph of the registration certificate, etc.
  8. Then you will ask to plug in your data.
  9. You must then accept all the terms and conditions before clicking on the link to confirm your acceptance.
  10. Then, once you click register, you will receive a message on the mobile number you registered, and you can say that you have successfully registered.

Universal Travel Pass Apply Online 2022

As we know, the government of Maharashtra launch the Travel Pass 2022 online registration form due to the third wave of the Covid pandemic. Many restrictions implement in all the states, and Maharashtra adopt the same. Now people associated with essential services can get a travel pass that allows them to move freely around the state. You can apply for the Travel Pass online at Epassmsdma.mahait.org and get the Covid Pass.

It is beneficial as the night and weekend curfew enact in the middle of the 4th wave of Covid (booster dose), and you may need it to do meaningful work. Below in this article, you can get complete information about Travel Pass 2022 Registration Form, Maha Universal Travel Pass Apply Online, and Eligibility for Universal Travel Pass. Also, you don’t need to print the printout, but you can show the saved ePass ticket on your mobile phone.

Frequently Question Answer

What is the Maharashtra Universal Pass for?

You can use this Covid E pass to roam within the state amid Covid limits.

Who is entitled to get a Universal Pass?

All citizens vaccinated with both doses or those linked to essential services can obtain it.

What kind of documents are required for the Maharashtra Travel Pass?

You must have a valid I card issued by your authority and other required documents.

How to download Universal Travel Pass PDF 2022?

Those who want to download Travel PDF should visit the official website at epassmsdma.mahait.org and follow the instructions provided at saitik school admission to download Maharashtra Universal Travel Pass 2022 directly.

Who can relate to the Universal Travel Pass 2022 online?

Those citizens of the state of Maharashtra can apply and complete the Universal Travel Pass 2022 registration form.

What is the Universal Travel Pass 2022 for?

Government introduces Maharashtra Universal Travel 2022 pass for medical, educational, and utility services. This pass requires to enter shopping malls, airports, and other public places.


After covid, it became mandatory for all Indian citizens to show that they fully vaccinate with both doses and complete 14 days since the second vaccination. In addition, they hoped to take with them, printed or digital, on their smartphone.

This pass guarantees unlimited access to public places, including shopping malls, train stations, airports, gymnasiums, and gardens. Due to corona, the authorities may not request the certificate, but you should take it with you each time to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience during the trip.

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