www Eltrecetv com Los 8 Escalones – This Monday in The 8 Steps, Guido Kaczka used a historical detail from Cordoba to ask a question on the second step. In addition, Leandro won almost $6 million, and Liam recovered the key he sold him last Friday for $100 thousand. At the beginning of the program, Liam again won the key for the brand-new department final after getting more correct answers than his opponent, Nicole. There, he also said that this time, he went to the contest accompanied by his father and friend and that both were called “Pedro Antonio.” “But what are you doing? “A casting of names for your environment?” the driver joked.

For his part, Leandro almost lost the key he had bought because it did not exceed the number of answers necessary to go up to the seventh step. However, since another contestant made mistakes more times than him, she gave her the chance she needed to move forward.

WWW Eltrecetv Com Los 8 Escalones

WWW Eltrecetv Com Los 8 Escalones

With an average of 8 rating points, The 8 Echelons is the most-watched program on Eltrece. The cycle receives around 2,000 daily requests from viewers who want to play, win, and be part of the nine participants in each broadcast. As its current name, the Eight Steps of the 2 Million has a group of 35 producers, a team that asks the questions, another in charge of casting, a technologies team, and a rotating jury. The undisputed leader is Guido Kaczka, who is not only the host but also the general producer and partner of Kuarzo. This production company owns the format that Guido invented with Martín Kweller. LA NACION got into the recordings of The 8 Steps to find out how a hit is made.

The first program aired on January 26, 2014, with two-star jurors, Gerardo Sofovich and Iván de Pineda. That first stage ended in 2015, and after a long pause, the cycle was broadcast again on July 26, 2021. It changed format schedules; it was posted on weekends, and for a period, it aired twice a day. “This is not a formula; it is clicking with a joystick every day,” says Guido Kaczka in his dressing room a few minutes before starting the first recording of the day.

The Secret of Success

“The first program, with Gerardo and Iván, was very different because you had to compete against them. I remember that Iván initially did not want to be part of it and said: ‘No because it seems that I know and I confront the participant.’ Then he caught on and gave a lot to that version of Escalones. I like the program; perhaps it is the one I like the most of all the ones I have done,” says the host. “It synthesizes what I like to do on television -suma-. It is fun and interactive; it has rhythm and all the ingredients for a well-made recipe because there are questions of knowledge, exciting story, decisions to make, and a grand prize.

The format differs from those I generally face, which depends on spontaneity and laughter at the moment.  On the other hand, Escalones has a more armed structure, and although there are funny moments, the game drives the plot line of each broadcast. I hope we continue as long as possible. For now, it continues, and news is coming,” he says, looking at his cell phone because he is about to start recording, and the program’s WhatsApp groups are on fire. “I have several: one for casting, another for questions, the group of juries, the editing island, art… I am in all of them because I am the general producer of the program,” he details.

Thorough Questions

The questions are the cycle’s stars, and a team of fifteen people works specifically in that area. The premise is to use a lot of creativity and not repeat yourself. And there is another casting team of seven people who choose the profiles of the participants. The casting has different stages, and there is a filter before participating: you must answer 70% of the questionnaire correctly to be able to enter the game. The six juries rotate and, as they say in the production, in the intimacy of the cycle, they are oblivious to what is said about the alleged fights. “That happens in gossip programs, but here, you don’t live anything they say. They all come to work and are super professional.

Each has their dressing room, makeup, and process to participate in the program. Nothing strange ever happened,” says Moren. And Kaczka remarks: “Some troubles are made… but it’s all on the outside because we don’t live it like that here.” Those who want to participate in The eight steps of the 2 million have to register at and fill out a form sent to the production. “About two thousand forms arrive per day. Many people sign up, some do it many times, and we receive all the requests.

The 8 Steps: Evolution

The 8 Steps: Evolution

Guido Kaczka invented The 8 Steps with his partner Martín Kweller. “The previous version has roots somewhere, but this time, it is very different because we thought about how to remake it, and there this new format appeared with the jury asking about its subject. Whenever I do a program, I think about the encounter with the other. I believe it is the most necessary resource and is becoming more scarce. It interested in the bond, that the genuineness of a person with whom we do not know each other emerges, but at the same time, we do because the same program summons us.

I have intuition and pay more attention to it over time.” And he assures that he also tends to empathize with some participants. “I get attached but don’t say, ‘I like this guy, and I want him to win.’ Sometimes, winning the millions isn’t the most crucial thing in the game, at least from my role.

How The 8 Steps of 2 Million Works?

The program has an edition in the afternoon and another at night. Whoever participates in the afternoon broadcast plays for one million pesos and has the opportunity to add another two in the evening program, which, if they win, accumulates three million pesos. But that is not all. This last victory allows the participant to play again the next day for the fourth million in the afternoon edition. If he wins again, he returns for two more a night and could win 6 million. However, each time the winner visits the program, they must start again, from the eighth step, and compete with seven other participants by facing the questions of the program’s specialists to reach the last question once again. Until now, almost everyone who won the contest only reached two million, but there is always the possibility that someone can accumulate more.

How to Enroll in the Program?

To sign up for Los 8 Escalones de los 2 million, fill out the form found on the El Trece website following this link. It is straight forward and quick to complete since it only requires personal information, contact information, and photos of whoever registers.

Rules of the 8 Steps

The rules of the program that appear on the El Trece website are the following:

Each step has a different category (geography, history, science, etc.)

Guido is going to ask at each stage who is willing to start.

Two rounds of questions are ask with two options on each step. That is, each participant will answer two questions per step.

They will be eliminated one by one, this being the one with the most errors.

In case of a tie because everyone answer correctly, a guess question is asked (for example, how many steps does the Obelisk have), and whoever is furthest from getting it right will be eliminated.

In case of a tie, because 2 or 3 answer one wrong, the rest of the participants choose who is eliminate. If, for example, six rises and 2 remain, so that there is no risk of a tie in the votes, only 5 of those who rose will vote; that is for Guido to decide.

Step 3 is the last one, in which questions are asked with two options; in this, the last participant is eliminated, and the two who go to the final are defined (step 2).

In step #2, the jurors will ask the two finalists a question. This question has four options, and both answer the same. They will have an iPad where they will choose ABCD depending on which option they consider correct.

The number of rounds of questions from the final jury is define at the time. That is, each jury may ask 1 question or maybe ask 3.

How to Sign up for ‘The 8 Steps’?

How to Sign up for 'The 8 Steps'?

Through the entrance website, you can sign up to participate in the successful program ‘The 8 Steps of the 3 Million, hosted by Guido Kaczka. If you think you are capable of competing in the program for a million pesos, follow the following steps: To participate in ‘ The 8 Steps of the 3 Millions’, you have to complete these details:

  • Name and surname
  • Cell phone
  • Telephone number of a relative (clarify name and relationship)
  • ID
  • Age
  • Occupation: are you currently working? Where?
  • Did you receive it? About what? Do you have any specialization? (the more specific you are, the more beneficial)
  • Which section of the program would you like to participate in?
  • Mail
  • Nationality
  • Instagram
  • The location where you live
  • Have you ever participated in any TV program? In which?
  • Do you have any talent or skill that you can show?
  • Additionally, you must attach a photo of the participant.

What are the Dynamics of the Program?

Remember that ‘The 8 Steps’ is a question-and-answer game on various topics such as culture, music, sports, and history. As the participants get it right, they climb the steps until they reach the last one, where the grand final is played between two participants. The winner takes home two million and the possibility of participating in another edition of the program.

The 8 Steps: These Were The Three Questions That Had Córdoba As A Reference

“What important Argentine city does the newspaper La Voz del Interior, founded at the beginning of the 20th century, originate from?” Guido Kaczka wanted to know. The carpenter asked me to repeat the question and, once sure, answered, “Córdoba.” “Yes, right, right!” the announcer launched energetically. The following slogan also referred to our province, specifically the city of Cosquín. “In which month is the most important Folklore Festival in our country celebrated, January or September?” asked Kaczka. “January,” Nicole responded. “If right! “Answer well,” the driver concluded.

The game continued, and after the “Up or Down” step, Córdoba was once again the star. “According to the official site of the Draw of the province of Córdoba, what number is ‘money,’ according to the meaning of dreams?” Guido asked. “32,” Nicole responded correctly, excitedly arriving at the final.


Eltrecetv com ‘Los 8 Escalones’ is Eltrece’s most-watched program, hosted by Guido Kaczka. Due to its competition with ‘Big Brother’ for the rating, the prize amounted to 2 million pesos per day. In everyone can sign up for the chance to participate. With the daily prize of 3 million pesos, ‘Los 8 Escalones’ becomes the Argentine television program that distributes the most money weekly. For this reason, many viewers interest in participating in the cycle led by Guido Kaczka.


What is Los 8 Escalones?

Los 8 Escalones, the program host by  Guido Kaczka, is broadcast from Monday to Friday on the El Trece screen and is one of the channel’s greatest hits.

What time is The 8 Steps broadcast?

Los 8 Escalones maintains its usual evening edition, now starting at 10 p.m. due to the beginning of the novel Buenos Chicos. And also, The afternoon edition ceases with the entry of the program “Los Desconocidos de siempre” with the host by Alex Caniggia.

How to play in Los 8 Escalones?

The question-and-answer program, already a television classic, delivers a new sum of  3 million pesos every night. The jury is regularly made up of Carmen Barbieri,  Ingrid Grudke, and Walter Nelson. Plus, every night, there will be a surprise guest jury.

How to sign up for The 8 Steps?

If you want to participate in the program, enter the link and complete the information.