Heardle 70s is very similar to the Heardle 60s; here, you have to deal with 70s songs and music. If you are a music lover and prefer music with some entertainment, then Heardle 70s is the perfect place. Heardle 70s is similar to a gaming website where we have to hear the starting tune of the songs from the early 70s and guess the song name in 6 attempts. If you think the song correctly, then you can hear the complete song. They will reveal the answer if you do not guess the song’s name.

In Heardle’s 70s, you can compete with the other participants in guessing the song names. Here in this article, let us discuss this guessing game, which will entertain people, especially older people. This will be more useful for entertainment purposes.

What Is Heardle 70s?

What Is Heardle 70s?

The Heardle 70s – A clone of Heardle, except for songs from the 1970s that can only be heard once a day. It’s a Wordle-inspired puzzle game. Hurdle also features a similar sharing option that allows you to copy a series of emoji to your clipboard and share how rapidly you predicted the music with others.

In six attempts, guess the hurdle. Each guess must be a song from the list. After each deduction, you can hear more of the mystery song until you conclude, when you can listen to a more significant portion of the day’s music.

Heardle 70s Game

In this Heardle 70s game, the player will hear the first part of the song and need to guess the song in six attempts. If you fail, you can hear the song to some extent to guess correctly. The players can post the songs on their social networks directly if they win in this game. The Heardle 70s has the below-mentioned categories.

Unlimited Versions

Heardle Unlimited

Rap Heardle

Kpop Heardle

Hot Games

Heardle Music Games

Here in this game, the songs are selected based on popularity. There will be songs that I have listened to mainly in the last ten years from the 70s.

How To Play Heardle 70s?

How To Play Heardle 70s?

It would help if you pressed play to hear a music sample when launching the Heardle 70s. The music can be listened to as many times as you like. After hearing the song’s inaugural verse, you must agree on the song’s artist or title.

Find the suitable 70s music in the list after hearing the introduction.

Missed or failed tries reveal more of the introduction

Answer with the fewest number of trials likely and post your score!

Tap to start the song and turn up the volume!

Getting Started with Heardle 70s

Heardle 70s is a delightful online game that challenges players to guess the correct 1970s songs based on a limited number of audio clips. To get started, follow these simple steps:

1. Register and Log In

The first step is to create an account on the Heardle 70s website. Once you’ve registered, log in to access the game.

2. Choose Your Difficulty Level

Heardle 70s offers various difficulty levels, from easy to expert. Beginners should start with a straightforward story to get a feel for the game.

3. Listen Carefully

You’ll hear a short snippet of a 1970s song when the game begins. Pay close attention to the melody, instruments, and lyrics.

4. Make Your Guess

After listening to the clip, type in your best guess for the song’s title. Remember that Heardle 70s accepts both the full song title and abbreviations.

5. Learn from Mistakes

If your guess is incorrect, don’t worry. Heardle 70s provides valuable feedback, including the number of correct letters and their positions in the song title. Use this information to refine your next guess.

What To Know About The Heardle 70s Game?

The puzzle game is a type of play challenging players’ intellect in particular areas based on the game’s theme. The Heardle 70s game is a guessing game that will test your music knowledge, but not the present music you often hear on social media nowadays. On the contrary, Heardle’s 70s will bring you back to the 1970s with the pieces of music produced and viral at that time. Interestingly, looking at the game’s name, you can quickly notice the “dle” ending. The “dle” ending can be considered how the developer respects the game’s original version, the word-guessing Wordle game.

Yet, while the Wordle players must guess a secret English word, the HEARDLE 70S players must determine the hidden 1970s song in the game by listening to a few seconds of audio of the music.

To Play The Heardle 70s Game?

To Play The Heardle 70s Game?

At the beginning, you can hear one second of the hidden song. Believe it or not, you can’t make a correct guess within one second of the song, so make your first guess as a trade-off.

You will type the possible song’s name in the answer box beneath the Play button. Then, press Enter to submit your answer. If the 1st answer is wrong, you will get one more second added to the length of the audio. For the 2nd wrong answer, you will get two more seconds.

Why Heardle 70s?

Nostalgic Journey: The 1970s was a remarkable era in music, with genres like disco, rock, funk, and more. Heardle 70s lets you relive the tunes that defined that decade.

Daily Musical Challenge: The restriction of one play per day adds an element of anticipation and excitement. It’s a delightful way to start your day with a musical challenge.

Educational Fun: For those who may not be familiar with 70s music, this game offers an entertaining and educational introduction to some of the greatest songs of that time.

Heardle 70s is a unique and nostalgic musical game that transports you back to the 1970s with its daily challenges. It’s not just a game; it’s a chance to immerse yourself in the iconic tracks that shaped an unforgettable decade. One play per day becomes a cherished routine for music lovers, offering a daily dose of groovy and timeless melodies. So, embrace the nostalgia, challenge your musical memory, and discover the magic of the 70s with Heardle 70s.

Trick For Playing The Heardle 70s Game

Trick For Playing The Heardle 70s Game

If you are desperate for a HEARDLE 70S game, you can rely on help from many free tools on the Internet. Apps like Shazam, Soundhound, or Google Assistant will help you find the song quickly by hearing the rhythm and music for a while.

By doing this, you can easily win the game, but it is no longer exciting. Hence, only opting for this method when there’s no other way to win the game.

Likewise, you can guess the maximum length of 16 seconds before you use up all the allowed guesses in the game. The game will end after you finish your sixth guess.

You can either make a wrong guess or press the Skip button to get extra time for the audio play. You can press the Skip button five times and take the last chance to figure out the correct solution for the game. Skipping five times in a row and listening to 16 seconds of the audio is even easier than making a single guess and getting added time.

How Heardle 70s Typically Works?

Daily Challenge: Players can engage in a new puzzle each day, adding an element of excitement and anticipation to the game. Every day, a fresh word-search puzzle featuring words or phrases related to the 1970s music scene awaits players.

Word Search: The core gameplay involves searching for words or phrases connected to ’70s music within a grid of letters. These could include song titles, artist names, album names, or other cultural references from that era.

Limited Attempts: Unlike traditional Heardle, which offers unlimited guesses, Heardle 70s limits players to a single daily attempt. This adds a layer of test and strategy as players must carefully consider their guesses.

Feedback: After each attempt, the game provides feedback on the correctness of the words or phrases you’ve guessed. You may receive clues or information about which letters are in the correct position and which are not.

Completion: The objective is to solve the word-search puzzle by finding all the relevant 70s music-related words or phrases with as few attempts as possible. Each day’s puzzle offers a unique and rewarding experience.

Heardle 70s is not just a game; it’s a daily dose of 70s music nostalgia and a mental workout that combines the joy of solving puzzles with the thrill of reminiscing about the musical gems of that era. So, put on your bell bottoms, turn up the disco tunes, and take on the challenge of Heardle 70s for a daily dose of 1970s music and word-search fun!

Using of Heardle 70s

Using of Heardle 70s

Heardle 70s: A Heardle replica that can only be played after per day and plays melodies from the 70s. It is a word-search mystery game. Heardle offers a similar sharing function that lets you share how soon you correctly identified the song by repeating a series of emoji to your clipboard.

Online Heardle 70s Game

In this game, Heardle, you don’t need to guess a word; instead, you must predict a different music daily. The game only requires one to play a song while listening to its inaugural and guess it correctly six times. If you are successful, the Heardle 70s response displays the residual time for the subsequent song and your approach. The option to part it on social media is then provided. Only one game container can be played per day.

Guess the puzzle in six stabs. Respectively, the guess from the list must be genuine music. You may hear more of the mystery song after each guess, and to the deduction, you can hear a larger portion of the day’s song.

Step by Step

It would help if you pressed play to hear a song sample using the hurdle music game. The song can be attended to as many areas as you like. After hearing the song’s inaugural verse, you must choose the song’s artist or title.

Find the suitable 70s music in the list after hearing the introduction.

Missed or failed tries reveal more of the introduction

Answer with the fewest number of shots possible and post your score!

Tap to begin the song and go up the volume!

Heardle Tricks:

You can use the following hints to control the hurdle solution on your own:

The first step is to give the song some listens.

Create as many hints as possible to complete the challenge in the five attempts left.

Random tunes from the ten most flowed songs over the past ten years are designated for each Heardle music wordle game.

You can look for the answer on social media if you’ve run out of ideas. Heardle music games can be searched if there are no means to answer the puzzle, but this must be your final resort rather than the hearing solution today!

Benefits of Heardle 70s

Benefits of Heardle 70s

Below are some of the benefits that a user can get from using Heardle 70s and guessing the songs from the 70s

Enhancing Your 70s Musical Knowledge: you can find your 70s music knowledge by this gameplay.

Gameplay Experience: not only listening to the songs, but this can also be like playing a fun game in short spans.

Relaxation and Relief in Free Time: in your free time, this game can be a perfect relaxation if you are a music lover.

You can also compete with others on music knowledge.

Game on!

Whether you’re looking for a new game or prefer listening over spelling, Heardle may be the one for you. The rules are easy enough to learn in minutes, yet the game can be surprisingly challenging. Still not convinced? The benefits of gameplay and music make a particularly compelling case for playing. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and name that tune!


Heardle 70s is a delightful homage to the music and culture of the 1970s, designed for those passionate about word-search puzzles and the iconic tunes of that era. Unlike the classic Heardle game, Heardle 70s presents a unique twist by combining the challenge of a word-search puzzle with the nostalgia of 70s music, and it can only be played once per day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I improve my Heardle 70s skills?

To enhance your Heardle 70s skills, listen to more 1970s music, play regularly, and learn from mistakes. Collaborating with friends can also be a helpful strategy.

Q. Can I play Heardle 70s on mobile devices?

Yes, Heardle 70s is compatible with most mobile devices. You can like the game on your smartphone or tablet.

Q, Are there any cheats or hacks for Heardle’s 70s?

No, Heardle 70s is designed to be fair and challenging for all players. There are no cheats or hacks available.

What happens if I can’t guess the song correctly?

If you’re stuck on a song, skip it and move on to the next one. However, remember that skipping too many songs may affect your overall score.

Is Heardle 70s free to play?

Yes, Heardle 70s offers a free-to-play option. You can enjoy the game without any cost.

How can I compete with other players in Heardle’s 70s?

Heardle 70s features a leaderboard to see how your scores compare to other players. Aim to climb the ranks by guessing songs quickly and accurately.

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