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The payroll is a document that indicates the amount of money that a company pays each worker. By law, this document must issue as proof of payment to certify that an organization has complied with the remuneration of its employees.

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That is, it consists of an instrument that certifies the various payments that constitute an employee’s salary by an organization.

Also, payroll can understand as a company’s staff that reflects the number of employees and the money paid for their work.

Likewise, this term can use to refer to the money that a worker receives. For example: “In this company, the payroll is paid biweekly.”

Features of Payroll

In general, the characteristics of payroll are the following elements:

Identification data of the company: The relevant information helps quickly identify the company.

Employee identification data: Contains basic information about the worker: Name, personal and corporate identification number, type of contract, category, and seniority in the organization.

Type of salary: Indicates how often the worker will receive his payment.

Salary perceptions: It is the money that the employee receives for his work. This section includes the details of this payment and the extra remunerations.

Deductions: It is the discount that apply to the payroll and can come from various sources: taxes, social security, advances, embargoes, etc.

Contribution base: The payment received by a registered worker on the payroll. The amount reflect gross, including overtime, extra costs, paid vacations, etc.

Liquid to receive: It is the net salary that the worker gets.

Final information: In this section, the issuance site, the signature of both parties (employee and company), and the corresponding seal are declared.

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Payroll Write For Us

Wage garnishments
Net pay
Gross pay
Employee exemptions
Record keeping
Tax requirements
Payroll service bureau

Why Write For Us at Technologywebdesign – Payroll Write For Us

Why Write For Us at Technologywebdesign – Payroll Write For Us

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