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IT Infrastructure
IT infrastructure is necessary to function and manage enterprise IT environments. The IT infrastructure can be implemented in a cloud computing system or company premises.

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These elements include hardware, software, network elements, an operating system (OS), and data storage. All of them are used to offer IT services and solutions. IT infrastructure products can be downloaded as software applications that run on existing IT resources (for example, software-defined storage ) or as online solutions offered by service providers (for example, infrastructure as service or IaaS ).

Types of IT Infrastructures

Traditional Infrastructure

In traditional infrastructure, companies are the owners of all the elements (such as data centres and data storage systems, among others) they manage in their facilities. Running this infrastructure is often expensive and requires large amounts of hardware systems (servers), electrical power and physical space.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure refers to the elements and resources needed for cloud computing. You can build a private cloud using the resources dedicated exclusively to it. Or, you can employ a public cloud by renting cloud communications from a cloud supplier, such as Alibaba, Amazon, Google, IBM, or Microsoft. You can also design a hybrid cloud by incorporating some degree of management, orchestration, and portability of workloads across multiple clouds.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure allows you to manage computing, network, and data storage space resources from a single interface. So you can support newer workloads with scalable architectures on industry-standard hardware through the combination of software-defined compute and data storage.

IT Infrastructure Elements


Hardware includes servers, data centres, personal computers, routers, switches, and other equipment.

The facilities that house and cool the data centres and those responsible for power could also be considered part of the infrastructure.


Software refers to the company’s applications, such as web servers, content management systems, and the operating system (for example, Linux ®). The operating system manages the hardware and system resources and establishes the connections between the software and the physical resources that execute the tasks.


Interconnected network elements enable communication, management, and network operations between internal and external systems. The network consists of Internet connection, enablement, firewalls, security, and hardware such as routers, switches, and cables.

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IT infrastructure Write For Us

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