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Web Conferencing
Web conferencing is an online meeting involving two or more participants in different locations. These participants could be wherever in the world. With a dependable internet connection and conferencing software, they can see, talk and hear every other in real-time. You can send your article to

Types of Web Conferencing

Present slideshows, explain spreadsheets, and transfer files—you can do all this and addition with web conferencing. This technology has brought unprecedented communication and collaboration to businesses and is one of the main reasons many companies have adopted it.

Interactive Team Meetings

Online conferencing technology makes virtual meetings interactive.

When information flows both ways, participants can make better decisions. Everyone can contribute ideas, share their thoughts, and have access to many collaboration features like annotations and screen sharing. They may also use a webcam to support other visual cues.


The main objective of a video conference is to set up a visual link between the participants. It has the potential for collaboration capabilities and can also be used for team meetings.

Companies maximize the experience by installing specialized tools (display, camera and microphone) in a dedicated room. This method allows everybody in the office to join a meeting from that location.


A webinar (online seminar) is a presentation made over the Internet. Potential guests usually register in advance to participate. During the webinar, the presenter is in control and can solicit feedback from the audience through a poll, poll, or question and answer session.


A webcast (webcast) is a live or pre-recorded program transmitted over the Internet. While the audience can also contribute by submitting questions or responding to a poll or survey, the control is primarily in the hands of the presenters.

Web Conferencing Write For Us

Web conferencing

Umbrella term



Video chat

Web conferencing software

Collaborative software

Electronic meeting system

Hybrid event


Web television





World Wide Web

Hosting service


Text chat




Computer appliance

Web service


Streaming video




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